I never eyeball my passengers. People don’t like to be stared at by strangers. This has turned me into an asker of questions, and a good listener. You can learn a lot about passengers in a few seconds if you put your mind to it, and they are in the mood to talk. Sadly, more and more of them are so involved working with their modern technology in my taxi, that they have no time to chat.

One thing I have noticed about people is that they often refer to one of the five human senses in their conversation, and usually the same once more than once. For example, you have passengers who emphasise their vision to express themselves. It is obviously important to them. “I see what you mean”, or “ I can’t see that it makes any difference”. These people may “look on the bright side“ or “take a rather dim view of things”.

Others may “touch” on this or that. They can feel your anxiety, or might think a matter touches them deeply. They may have had a hard time, and learned a painful lesson because they were a soft touch!! Many people use the sense of smell in language. Somebody might tell me they smelt a rat straight away, as a certain deal had the stench of failure. Or a journalist who had a nose for an important story after he had sniffed the breeze, and had the sweet smell of success when his newspaper broke the news.

Winners can “taste” or savour victory, even though things may end on a sour note. This could lead to bittersweet memories! Having a gut feeling about something, but not having the stomach for it, probably falls within the province of taste.

You can chew this one over for yourselves.

As for myself, I am a “hearing “ person, and always happy to lend you an ear. For example, I may say it sounds like a good idea after you have given me an earful of your plans.  I have heard you loud and clear. In fact, music to my ears! Actually music is a big thing in my life, and song titles reflect all five of the senses.” I’ll See You In My Dreams”, Touch me in the Morning”, Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Sweet Home Alabama”, and “The Sound of Music”, tick all the boxes.

I have a sixth sense you probably think I made all this stuff up. Not so, one of my passengers, a university professor, told me about a study that had been made linking one particular sense to each person’s view of the world. But who knows. Maybe he made it all up, and had never been to university at all. Whatever. Anyway, think about it. Do you express a sense of yourself?



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