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Morris Kaplan heads up Rainmaker Media – a Digital and Hard-Copy Book Publisher. This is a private organisation that assists people to be the Author of their own books. Family Tree, Personal History, Corporate Promotion, Business Guides, Marketing and Sales Tools. The list of publishing needs is endless! In this interview Sam Leon talks with Morris about his unique services.

Rainmaker Media is a niche digital publisher. They win, for both for our clients and ourselves, by being agile, informed and client-focused. Their book clients include professionals and subject-matter experts. They assist all their Clients to become their own Authors.

Recently they acquired The Bookkeepers Hub. The “Hub” participates in an industry where traditional publishers and media companies now face slow extinction and where digital publishing is in ascendency.

A publisher today is in white water rapids, with low hanging tree branches – you have to keep your eyes over the horizon – as well immediately before you.

This is Rainmaker Media. This is Morris Kaplan – Publisher.

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Telephone Morris 0412 501 718 



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RITCHIE GIBSON has spent several years in business and now works as an inspirational leader, motivator and educator.  He is one of the most sought-after motivational experts in Australia and is the author of the top-selling motivational/self-help book entitled, Be You. Be Great. which has propelled him into the international spotlight as a valued contributor and confidant to numerous senior executives and industry leaders alike. 

His book is a painful truth that — once you get it — can radically transform your life, your happiness and allow you to become the very best version of yourself.

MANSAM Magazine loves’ this book so much that I reached out to Ritchie’s team to ask them if I could give you, our MANSAM Magazine subscribers, access to a free copy.

His team are amazing, so of course they said yes.

If you want to download a free copy of Ritchie’s book for yourself, download it below


There is even an audiobook version below if you are not a big reader.

BE YOU. BE GREAT-Audiobook

If you would like to get in contact with Ritchie Gibson you can email him.


toby-marshall-bookThis book is your roadmap to starting meaningful sales conversations. Conversations that provide insights into what keeps your most valuable prospects awake at night, while growing their understanding of your services and why they need them. Do this with thousands of prospects and your future clients will recognise you as the expert, as a thought leader in your field. Do this with thousands and…Your prospects are talking back!

Toby’s book is available for purchase as a Kindle edition on Amazon  [VISIT AMAZON]

[Listen] to Toby’s recent podcast with MANSAM.