SAM LEON (EDITORIAL) the creator of MANSAM, the online magazine for thinking people. Samuel Leon is a lecturer, an author, a leading creative thinker and the CEO of Mansam Magazine.
jenny-mansell-black JENNY MANSELL-BLACK (BUSINESS) has been a volunteer fundraiser for 48 years and a professional fundraiser since 1995. WEBSITE 
cosimina-nesci COSIMINA NESCI (CAREERS) is a personal and corporate Image Brand Specialist, working with retailers, government departments, legal firms and not-for-profit organisations. WEBSITE 
david-norman DAVID NORMAN (FASHION) is a fifth-generation pearl dealer who has spent his entire career buying and selling pearls, principally from Australia and Tahiti.
armando-percuoco ARMANDO PERCUOCO (FOOD) Proprietor and head chef of the iconic Buon Ricordo restaurant, Armando was born in Naples into a family of restaurateurs in post war Italy. From the age of 14 he worked in his father’s premier restaurant in Naples, grounding him in fine restaurants in Naples and on the Isle of Capri.
nigel-rosendorff NIGEL ROSENDORFF (GAMES) is a bridge professional with over 38 years experience teaching and playing winning state and national championship.
mark-thorpe MARK THORPE (HEALTH) is the owner of The Right F.I.T.T. Personal Training. Mark’s relationship with fitness goes back 25 years to when he competed in his first triathlon. Recently launched Fitness Fundraisers – raising money for charities using fitness goals.
anne-lampe ANNE LAMPE (INVESTING) A Walkley Award winner, Anne Lampe has been writing about superannuation and financial matters since 1970 for the Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, and others.
jules-black JULES BLACK (LIFESTYLE) a retired obstetrician and gynaecologist, Jules started collecting records from the age of seven, some 67 years ago. He broadcasts regularly on Brisbane Community FM radio presenting MOR, jazz and classical music
richard-anon RICHARD ANON (OPINION) Sydney-based, Richard holds strong views on a wide range of subjects and will doubtless raise your eyebrows! Stay tuned
wayne-ihaka WAYNE IHAKA (PROPERTY) is an expert in real estate, using the science of social dynamics to discover the buyers for all types of properties. WEBSITE

wayne-shapiro WAYNE SHAPIRO (SPORT) knows his sport. As the owner of Trivia Madness since 2002, he has run thousands of quizzes for pub patrons and corporate clients.
kelly-savill KELLY SAVILL (WELLNESS) originally from the UK, she has been residing as a Sydney-sider for the last four years. Kelly has worked with disaffected teenagers.
Rebecca Mar Young REBECCA MAR YEUNG (WELLNESS) Rebecca is the author of the forthcoming book, “Hands on Birth – Eastern wisdom and acupressure for a beautiful birth”.She runs the Red Tent Health Centre for women and their families at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Rebecca has been in private practice as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist since 2006. WEBSITE 
Jenny Garber - Profile Image JENNY GARBER (ART) Jenny Garber is the owner/director of inART – Sydney Art Tours, specialising in art appreciation tours that provide a unique entrée into Sydney’s rich contemporary art scene and a co-director of VIP ART TOURS.Jenny graduated from the University of Sydney with a BA, majoring in Art History & Theory and Literature. WEBSITE
Richard Burton Photo RICHARD BURTON (CAREERS) Richard’s focus is coaching, as he says, “making the difference in people”. He founded Innerzone Coaching 2010, providing self-leadership and career coaching for individuals. Richard played 17 years of 1st Grade Cricket for Balmain X1 – debut in 1990 aged 17. Played NSW Colts 1992 & 1993. Won a 1st Grade Premiership 1998 and Captained Balmain 1st X1 in 2004. He was elected Life member of the Sydney Cricket Club in 2011. WEBSITE  LINKEDIN
Sean McDonald SEAN McDONALD (CAREERS) Sean McDonald is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. Sean has worked in the corporate space both in Australia and the USA. He gets great joy in boosting revenue of low performing sales teams, getting the best out of individuals so that they are performing at their peak and enhancing Creativity in the Corporate Environment. Sean can be contacted on 0430 852 430.
Eden Rabatsch1

EDEN RABATSCH (MEDIA) Eden has cast a wide eye over the media arts for over thirty years. From film to television, books and computer games he will keep you posted on the latest developments but also where they fit into the bigger picture.

R Schneider

ROB SCHNEIDER (BUSINESS) was instrumental in launching the well-known International Save-the-Rhino Campaign. He has served on the boards of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the Wilderness Trust of Southern Africa, Lapalala Wilderness School, African Raptor Information Centre and the Rhino and Elephant Foundation. Robert is also the Chairperson of Project Noah’s Ark – a project to help conserve endangered animals of the Bible.

Catherine Flutsch CATHERINE FLUTSCH (CULTURE) Catherine started her career in law, practising in Sydney, Tokyo and London before moving into law firm management. She has won a number of international management awards.  Now based in Oxford, Catherine is a director of the management consultancy, Lex Conscientia. Catherine also maintains a portrait painting practice and in her spare time obsesses about Shakespeare.
jenny-bromberger JENNY BROMBERGER (HEALTH) Jenny is an integrative G.P. This means that in addition to her medical school training, at Monash University, she also attended the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), which is also in Melbourne, Australia.Her double training allows her to integrate symptoms across body systems, understand cellular function more clearly and prescribe both natural and prescription remedies.
andrew-vallentine ANDREW VALLENTINE (CULTURE) Andrew Vallentine is a musician, song writer and classical music fan from way back. His background includes music journalism for the ABC, label manager for Sony Classical and an independent film maker.
He is a professional member of the Australian Film Institute (AACTA) and the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)
angie-zimmerman-s ANGIE ZIMMERMAN (BUSINESS) Angelina Zimmerman is a strategic development coach. She assists medium and large businesses to move from “sporadic” to “specific”. Angelina is coaching leaders, managers, employees and business professionals to achieve high levels of success in various industries. She is fun, energetic and engaging.
John-Vouris JOHN VOURIS (FINANCE) “I am willing to make the tough decisions and I strive to be clear and concise when making recommendations”.

John is a partner at PKF in the Sydney office. He has successfully negotiated settlements with banks and creditors together with the sale and purchase of businesses and is highly regarded both within and outside of the profession.

Jon-pratlett Jon Pratlett (BUSINESS) Managing Director of Jon Pratlett & Associates dynamic, energetic and upbeat, Jon Pratlett, armed with the latest neuroscience research and leading edge leadership and management methodologies, supports leaders and their teams in adopting and adapting the most effective mindsets and behaviours to create highly engaging, safe, and profitable work cultures. Clients include Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank, AMP, GE Capital Finance, IBM, and the Australian Olympic Committee.
toby-marshall Toby Marshall (BUSINESS) Toby Marshall and his team at Lead Creation create and implement marketing strategies and build large and valuable sales funnels for B2B companies. Toby is a regular presenter on Sky Business and has been interviewed by BRW magazine and other leading business journals for features. Visit for more details.