You will definitely want to make time for everything in this Edition of MANSAM® Magazine.

This magazine is exciting. It definitely is a leader and an innovator. MANSAM® has always been about You – our many thousands of readers, viewers and listeners.

We are guided by our purpose and our values. Interesting, informative, entertaining and quick-to-read, view and listen, high-quality material. Nothing political, sexist, racial, religious or in bad taste. On several occasions MANSAM® Magazine has led the media in Australia by being the first to publish new ideas, new products and new events.

We have made our presence felt – and always provided you with a somewhat different view of our world.

Now, are you ready? Here are all of our specially selected items for your enjoyment:



Richard Korda CEO of Zenith Finance is an excellent communicator – and the best finance-broker I know. Home loans, heavy equipment, motor vehicles. This is a great article ENCOURAGING WORD OF MOUTH and I am with him all the way. The secret of good word-of-mouth is fully explained here – and please talk – it’s instant, no typing, no emails, and no texting.

This took me years to learn and Tony Vidler does it in 60 seconds. HOW TO CHALLENGE A CLIENT’S THINKING WITHOUT ACTUALLY GETTING INTO A CHALLENGE enjoy and learn a little.

Something JOHN KATSIRIS saw as a child but never really understood caused him to reflect on his own journey. He now leads a company Mybrainwave which encourages those with new ideas to develop them. He leads and guides them to professionally position and present their idea into an investment-ready business.

Discover more about John

  • You still have time to talk to Charles about his next Edition of “50 Unsung Business Heroes” if you’re interested Email Charles


Here’s a bit of informative fun. MORE UPS THAN DOWNS You will be surprised, learn something and realise we are quite crazy at MANSAM®.

Now here is something that many of you will find beneficial from Julie Littlechild a client engagement specialist –  THE REASON YOU DON’T GET MORE REFERRALS FROM CENTRES-OF-INFLUENCE will it make a difference to you and your organisation? Find out now.



True – and fun. FULL CIRCLE OF LIFE  I bet you send this on to your contacts.

Every day at 5am Garry (Gazza) Beath is down at Bondi Beach, cameras in hand, ready to take a photograph of a sunrise, a cracker wave, a group of body-surfers or some unsuspecting schmuck like me (NFP) BONDI SHOREYS captures the awesome power – and danger – of these close-to-the-sand and beach potential back and neck breakers. Visitors from distant lands nearly always get hurt. The experienced surfers treat “shoreys” with respect and know how to handle them. Thanks Garry and dear reader, beware!

This was a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is a true nautical story of an occurrence in 1899. REMARKABLE HISTORY is a must-read. You will be aboard the passenger steam-ship SS Warrimoo. Truly fascinating – in fact quite amazing.




This is something special for all Sci-Fi fans – including me. I love this longer-than-usual clip. FASTER THAN LIGHT is about a lone astronaut testing the first ever faster-than-light spacecraft developed by us on Earth. Wow! He travels much farther than he ever imagined. Oops, I’m giving too much away. Allow about 16 minutes. It’s worth it.

Here at last is a service that is badly needed. Created by PETER GRAHAM it is something we all need. Watch it described by Peter in this video-interview with Sam Leon.

Ritchie Gibson is the real deal. Someone I greatly respect. Fast becoming Australia’s top motivator. WANT TO BUILD A STRONG & COLLABORATIVE TEAM is Ritchie’s final video for us and I highly recommend you watch this one. Check out Ritchie’s website for more.

Last – but not least. CHOCOLATE BLOCK ILLUSION is something you will want to watch several times.



My positive message for you all.


Please enjoy your MANSAM® Magazine.


Thank You!


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