It is a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. The hands-free phone-screen in our car indicates an incoming call. Pam presses the button to answer it. “G’day Sam, my name is Ian Wormie from “Sweet FM” in Burdekin – everyone calls me Wormie – and I’m wondering if you could promote in your magazine what we are doing up here in Burdekin to prevent youth suicides – particularly among young Aboriginals?”

“Hi Wormie, I would like to talk to you, just not now in the traffic, how about I call you when I get home?”

“Yeah, that’d be great mate, I’ll be waiting for your call.” And that is how it all started.

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Here is your MANSAM® Magazine line-up for April 2018.



IMG_3749This month we feature a small FM radio station in Burdekin, North Queensland. “Sweet FM”. Burdekin is located between Townsville and Bowen in the delta of the Burdekin River.

It’s no wonder the Queensland ‘Reds’ are so tough at Rugby League’s “State of Origin” games. The good people in Burdekin are raising money for suicide-prevention by staging the Quandamooka Cup. The Quandamooka Cup Charity Fight Night is a Muay Thai kickboxing event.

We city folk would run a dinner, or cocktail function or a book-launch. Not the far north Queenslanders!

They are hoping to raise more than $20,000 for suicide prevention services, and hoping to get more than 1,000 people to the event. Their motto is “You are worth fighting for”. Powerful stuff.

The two ferns in their logo represent Jai Jai and Mitchell, two local kids who suicided. It is a memorial to them and their young lives.

MC Wormie is not a professional fighter and has no experience in the Muay Thai ring. He is putting his “body on the line” for this cause. His ‘opponent’, is his long known childhood friend and sports-reporter for their radio show, Darren. Wormie told me he’s scared-stiff.

The whole point is, these great Aussie men and women are doing something! You can too. Simply send them a donation (see below) or, if you are in the local area, buy a ticket for $30 and attend the Quandamooka Cup – it’s all about changing the lives of the many who are struggling.

Whilst Sweet FM is in the air, they are also ‘on-the-ground’ at grass-roots level, doing something to prevent the tragedy of suicide. MANSAM® Magazine supports them 100%. For all of our readers in other lands – that’s one of the many ways we do things here in Oz. All enquiries call 0407 340 209


Ritchie Gibson keeps getting better and better. He tells me he is just following all the principles and advice he dispenses to his growing list of clients – and to MANSAM® Magazine’s audience – You! IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR A SIGN, THIS IS YOUR WAKE-UP CALL is Ritchie’s latest piece for us. We congratulate him on being appointed as the official Motivator of the St George Illawarra Dragons. A smart move by their Head Coach, already paying dividends for the players and the Club.

You cannot hold a progressive organisation from moving forwards. You can try – it just won’t work. Check out Owen Hodge Lawyers as they ANSWER THE MOST COMMON FAQs 6 questions that you may just be thinking about.

Have you ever wondered how to get better traction in Twitter?  Tony Vidler has written a cracker article this month on the ‘new’ way of gaining attention in Twitter. READ IT NOW. 

This month’s amazing “Unsung Hero” is DANIEL DAVIS, CEO of Gallop Solutions. Daniel left home at age 13 after surviving a family background of domestic violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. Remarkably he finished school, which he described as “hell” and went about building a thriving business. By age 23 he enjoyed a seven figure income (so much for a MBA education!) and he now shares his experience coaching other start-ups.

Remember, there are always two items on the monthly MANSAM® featured person from the book, 50 Unsung Business Heroes produced by Charles Fairlie. The first is in bold caps and underlined above. The second is found in the following webpage link.

Discover more about Daniel here

You still have time to talk to Charles about his next Edition of “50 Unsung Business Heroes”. Email Charles  0r Call him on: 1300 982 520

Welcome to our new advertiser Podium. on Purpose. The thought and action leaders in values-based and purpose-driven corporate business for all staff beginning with the leadership group.



You may enjoy – as I do good, really good – quotes. Continuing our short series, here are INTERESTING QUOTES OVER TIME Part 4.

These two beautiful – almost tame – wild parakeets arrive on our balcony every morning at 8:15am for a grape. So Pam gives each one a grape.  They squeak and make chirpy bird-noises, eat the grapes, let us pat them and then they fly away, until the next morning. SMILE is a series of images about birds. We hope these will bring a smile to you too.

Please check-out BELIEVE IT – OR NOT Part 5. Really short and I hope you like this type of material.

Garry Beath shares some of his latest early morning snaps from our iconic BONDI BEACH.




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Harry Dent is a modern day economic Nostradamus. Not all economic forecasters agree. I think he is good and I believe in his “Bubble” theory. Common sense really. I am told Harry’s success rate is running at 80%.

In 1989 he predicted a major crash and a 12 year downturn in Japan and that Europe and the USA would have the greatest decade in history starting in the 1990’s. He picked the 2000 Tech and Internet bubble peaks. The 2008 bubble peak in oil. The peak of silver (to the day) in late April 2011. And the gold collapse when it broke $1,525 in early 2013. I caught up with HARRY S. DENT during his Australian tour. It is a short interview – and it is to the point.

You may recall my Podcast-Interview with the Gold Coast bread-maker CHRISTIAN COENEN who’s healthy and delicious bread, pasta and cereal are really taking-off. In this second interview we explore his wider interests.



Are you ready for this? THE MAGICAL ROPE TRICK This is a good one if you like “magic!”

Yes, I know MANSAM® Magazine sometimes gets a bit ‘folksy’.  Tell me you don’t like this after watching 10 CUTEST BABY ANIMALS

Allow 7 minutes.



Please read this paragraph first. Then close your eyes – and keep them closed. Spread your arms out wide. Now slowly bring your arms in until your finger-tips are touching together perfectly. Open your eyes. Easy wasn’t it? Think. How did that happen? What “motor” drove that capability? How exactly were you able to do that? May 1st you will discover NeuRA, Neurological Research Australia. A unique, world-class team, together, in Sydney, working at the highest levels of research aimed at healing. Understanding and ultimately curing many brain malfunctions and diseases. That’s our lead item on May 1st. Exciting.

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The Tune In site to listen to Wormie’s Breakfast show in Australia here


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