When I sit – or stand – in front of my computer to write this Editorial, my mind explodes with ideas. These editorials are not thoughtfully and carefully planned. They are emotionally driven. The highest current thought wins!

So, will the real you please stand-up and be You. At any time we adjust to fit our current “role”: Parent, Lover, Life Partner, Employee, Employer, Professional/Manager, Party Animal and so on. In each situation we adapt our personalities – our ‘social-style’ – to the role. Not everyone, but most. And this is where the confusion sets in. How are we perceived? As the “role” we play – or the real person who inhabits our body? The one you know well and see in the mirror each morning.

Regardless of whether you are a conformist, an extrovert, a conservative, self-driven and motivated or however you score in the likes of Myers Briggs, Cube, DISK etc. somewhere, deep inside, is the real You.

If ever there was a time to ‘stand-up-and-be-counted’ it is now. The world is changing rapidly, the pace of life is fast (and regrettably furious), the one constant, is you – who you are, what you stand for, believe-in and your purpose in this life.

Go back in time. To when you were a kid at school. Your natural instincts and behaviour then were – and still are – the first indication of what you were all about. Sure, you honed your abilities in your last couple of years at school. Then through additional study or early life-experience, you expanded your horizon, your vision.

Was it dashed? Achieved? Still in the pipe-line, being achieved? The late Earl Owen AO received a detention at school for some misdemeanour. During his time in detention he created an intricate and very beautiful carving of his school’s coat-of-arms. Earl went on to become a pioneer in microsurgery, achieving many world firsts, such as finger reattachment, vasectomy reversal, hand-transplant and face-transplant. His carving of that school emblem still sits above the door of his school’s Headmaster to this very day.

You will know the power within you when you hear your voice, speaking out, loudly, positively, above the din, about what it is You have to say.

You will know the power within you when you truly act and behave in accordance with the way You feel and believe.

You will know the power within you when You are You.



Owen Hodge Lawyers are a number of things: a successful, growing and dynamic group of law specialists – and generalists. They are progressive. They are also service-driven – and cost-conscious! Plus they are good, loyal and long-standing friends of this Magazine. If you are an employer – or an employee – you find this short-read very worthwhile. THE IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECKS

Bill Widenberg is a writer of note (aka successful, published, Author) who likes to see the English language used correctly. He is also an all-round nice person and a good friend of MANSAM®. ENGLISH WITH BILL WIDENBERG is an item you have ‘got’ to read (sorry Bill).

MANSAM® Magazine is for “Thinking People. That means men and women, of all ages, everywhere.  EVELYN MOOLENBURGH is the Managing Director of “Learning Ventures” and a dynamic woman who has truly found her path in life as an expert in Leadership. Evelyn tailors her skills to suit Generations X, Y and Z. Her story is one of personal growth. You may not realise it, however there are always two items on the featured person from the book 50 Unsung Business Heroes produced by Charles Fairlie. The first in bold caps and underlined is above. The second in the following webpage link.

Discover more about Evelyn here  

Talk to Charles about his next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes”. Email him here  or call Charles on: 1300 982 520



You might have seen another series like this before. Some of these images are hard to believe. Our authorities in Australia would, quite correctly, freak out:  WHAT EXACTLY IS OVERLOADING?

Airports are getting more and more crowded. Some countries enjoy airports that are masterpieces of design and function. Then there are these!  DO YOU FLY OFTEN? SOME INTERESTING AIRPORTS



[ Note: For best results on your iPad, iPhone or tablet, please remember to listen to all our Podcast-Interviews in your browser. Click the link that says Listen in browser.  Whereas your computer will always play within MANSAM® by clicking, as normal, on the white arrow in the red circle.]

In the business of publishing you get to meet a lot of interesting and different people. The print world of magazines and newspapers are mostly experiencing declining audience numbers. However one print newspaper is experiencing growth in both advertisers and audience. Eastern Suburbs Life is produced, managed and distributed by a charismatic man (aka Character) by the name of GREG PRIOR and I had the joy of interviewing Greg when we entered into a trial joint venture between his newsy colourful news-paper and my other online interest, Different Weddings (see their banner-advertisement below in future editions)

City Tattersall’s Club in Sydney changed my life. Changed it in the most positive and extraordinary manner. The actual story was published in the 2017-2018 Summer issue of City Tatts Magazine. Suffice to say, as a young member, I won a “Name the Room” competition (The Carinya Room – a local Aboriginal word meaning Happy Meeting Place) and the prize was a trip to Hayman Island for my wife and me. There I met a gentleman who suggested a change in my career and it changed my entire life. Recently, I met the City Tatts new Head of Communications and Marketing, the affable and very knowledgeable RICHARD SHUTE a nicer Club Executive you will not meet and he’s the person who was originally responsible for your iPad version of the SMH.



In last month’s edition of this Magazine I introduced this Video section as follows: You are going to love these three very different videos. Absolutely ditto this Edition.

I like, I enjoy, good design. What you will see here is brilliant.  20 CREATIVE DESIGNER PIECES OF FURNITURE

In 2001 I was working in Chicago (cracker city – love it) and in the office next to mine were six young guys and girls who wore GOOGLE tops to work every day. “What’s Google”? I asked. We now all know the answer to that question. Google has a large operation in the UK. Its new HQ is, quite literally, mind-boggling. Check it out here: 15 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE’S NEW $1.2 BILLION HQ IN LONDON

Mandelbrot Theory has always fascinated me. Named by Adrien Douay as a tribute to the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (who called himself a “fractalist”) this is a Mandelbrot set with a difference. First we zoom out from a girl on the grass – into space. Then we reverse and zoom in – into … ? See for yourself: THE CREATION – FROM EUROPA TECHNOLOGIES



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