Business is – well, business! Either business has changed – or I have – or both.

Up until quite recently I had always approached and dealt with people in business situations the way I was taught and had a natural-way tendency. I am what is called a “people person”. Never a bully, (wouldn’t know how and don’t want to know) never pushy, strong – yes and pleasant, friendly,  and 100% focused on the other person’s needs, plus their ‘social-style’ body language and neurolinguistics, so that I could communicate effectively with them.

People in business now have less time and less patience. They want a result. They want short, effective communications, they want to know what you are about, what you are offering, how it will benefit them – substantially – and how much it will cost. You better be good at what you say and do, plus have your service or product priced ‘right’ or you won’t get off first-base!

Gone are the long “getting-to-know-you” introductions, the numerous follow-ups and the trial-closes. All are gone! It’s straight to the point, the purpose, the plan and a call-to-action. Total honesty, short answers and key questions, with zero padding. I love it. So do prospective clients, customers and associates. Long coffee-catch-ups are gone. So too are     l-o-n-g lunches, with the aim of building rapport. Instead it’s “here’s what I’ve got. It could be great for you. Do you want to see if it is for you”?      Yes – or – No.  Always polite, always genuine (there is no other way) and concerned for “their” time as much as you are for yours. Because you have to be efficient, effective, energised, enthusiastic and a 100% embodiment of modern 2018 enterprise.

Now plenty of people reading this will disagree with me. Good on you. You are yesterday’s business-person.

As my wife and I drove to a particular location last week I dutifully followed the ‘sat-nav’ talking-voice and visual-display in my car. “Isn’t it great” said Pam. My reply was, “Darling, within 10 years, maybe 5 years, and the car will be driving itself to our destination”.  At MANSAM® Magazine we are looking at augmented-reality (AR) as another way to communicate and enhance your viewing in this magazine. We are also looking at how AI will allow us to publish a better-quality magazine, faster – and at less cost. That future I wrote about in previous editorials is now here!

Do I miss the simple, slow and fun life way back when I was a kid? Sometimes, rarely. That was then – this is now. I love it all.

That said, rejoice here in the real and current world of MANSAM® 2018 February Edition!



We lead off with an excellent piece from Tony Vidler, BEING A THOUGHT LEADER DOES NOT MEAN BEING FIRST How true.

Next is an item I found quite interesting. Have you ever downed a Long Island Tea? Bang! It is a powerful drop. So when I read HISTORY OF THE LONG ISLAND ICED TEA. I thought you may enjoy reading it too.


DAVID DICKER CEO and Founder of “Dicker Data” is seen as an industry maverick and very much one-of-a-kind. David’s business turned over an impressive 1 billion dollars last year. It hasn’t been an easy road – it never is. Here is a story that commenced 35 years ago. A story worth watching.

This article is one of 50 excellent reads in the book 50 Unsung Business Heroes produced by the always affable Charles Fairlie. Discover David here

Why not talk to Charles about his next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes” You may well be in it. Email him or Call Charles on: 1300 982 520



I don’t think I can meaningfully add to the title of this one:  SOMETIMES PHOTOS NEED NO WORDS

It is strange how many articles start-off with the word “amazing” it makes me think how limited are the vocabularies of some folks. So, with that out of the way, enjoy AMAZING SCULPTURES



Are you getting enough protein in your diet? Are you cutting-back on carbs, lowering your GI, increasing your fibre intake? Meet Christian Coenen as he chats with me about HERMAN BROT bread, muesli and pasta.

What, you may well ask is NEUROLEX?  Who, you may also ask is Dr Maxwell Strong? The answer to both questions will be found in this Podcast. His product dissolves in tea or coffee, is tasteless and it contains, according to Max, “Bioactive Prebiotic Soluble Fibre” (“nature’s key to ‘disease-free’ ageing”). Max goes on to say his product reduces chronic systemic inflammation and increases your body’s immunity. Maxwell Strong is a living example of his product. You may find this interview about NEUROLEX really enlightening.



You are going to love these four very different videos. Play them on your browser if you are on iPad.

The first is PIANO JUGGLING by Las Vegas entertainer Wally Eastwood. This is a fun video.

Next is ROBI THE ROBOT so very cute and so very capable. (Play this in full screen mode if you are on iPad).

The stuff of science. You need to see this to believe it. It is GALILEO’S HYPOTHESIS and it is fascinating.

Finally, LE PETITE CHEF – EPISODE 1 – this out of this world, created by talented team of film makers and visual artists from Skullmapping. I have never seen anything like this and whether you are a foodie or not you will love this.


As you regular readers of this now leading Australian digital-magazine know, I love Bondi Beach. I ate the sand there at the age of 1. Learnt to swim there. Learnt to body-surf there. And have been a proud member of Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club since a teenager. This morning I recorded a special 60 SECONDS WITH SAM (it is actually 1 minute 26 seconds) as a special video greeting to you for this February 2018.

Please do, enjoy



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