Happy New Year. We are, all of us, at a cross-road, I prefer the word intersection, in our lives. Personal and working. It’s up to us how we negotiate that intersection – positively, or negatively. I am very positive about our future direction and I am working with the technologies that are rapidly taking over. As a ‘people’ person I realised we must adapt – or be left behind. Sad, hard, true. Prices for certain services, certain items are falling. People are devaluing those services and items in place of lower-cost technology. People say they are time-scarce – they are more likely not focused. Not focussed on one job at a time! Don’t allow social-media to rule your life. As for email – I check, flick-my-eyes at headings and discard most email – and all spam – in 10 minutes before breakfast, thanks to ‘Mail Washer’. My secret is – I do not look-at or answer any emails until 4pm. Then I allow 1 hour, max. Go fast, go hard, that’s it. I am discouraging emails from everyone. A phone-call or face-time is quick, it’s in real ‘now’ time – and you can make a decision on-the-spot. That’s how to save and make time!

Getting things done – executing – is always the answer. Breaks are essential. Ten minutes in every hour. I set 50 minute meetings. If we can’t sort things out in 50 minutes then something is very, very wrong. Then I have ten minutes to stretch, have a glass of water (essential) and enjoy some grapes (I like grapes). Sitting down all day will fair-dinkum kill you. “Stand-and-Deliver”. That doesn’t mean you are a highway robber. It means you are standing (not bending) and delivering good work.

All the fun has gone out of work – and even play. Except for the banter in Bondi Surf Club’s change-room. That’s a hoot and it sets you up for the day! Everyone else is so damn serious. We all have problems – and a good laugh is a great way to relax. If someone doesn’t tell me a good joke – I simply remember one, or a funny incident – and tell it to myself and laugh about it. Crazy? Yes, maybe, but it works! Remember “moan and you moan alone”, “laugh and the world laughs with you”. Makes for a happy-home and it is much, much easier to do business, or do your work, when you lighten the mood.

So hop in your fully-electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel vehicle. Talk to your connected device(s) and talk to your work-mates, life-partner, your kids, your friends and your neighbours – yes, talk to them – and have a cracker New Year negotiating that intersection. Here we go …



You know my feelings about emails – I’ve just expressed them in my Editorial. That said, as a publishing-editor I must be open-minded. Tony Vidler is the top professional in his field and a proud New Zealander. His article: HOW TO MAKE EMAIL MARKETING EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE is really worth your time reading.

Guido Van Baelen is a special friend, both of mine and this Magazine. Based in Belgium he lived in Sydney for many years and has lots of friends in Australia. Always a leader and initiator, he now heads the sales and promotion of ALTIFORT in Europe. Check it out here.

DEBRA SINCLAIR Is an amazing woman. Her story shows what can be achieved by turning an adversity into an advantage. Debra is a Social Media Strategist. She builds virtual and real communities for clients of her business “Liquid Mango Consulting” This is a story worth watching. This article is one of 50 excellent reads in the book 50 Unsung Business Heroes produced by the always affable Charles Fairlie. To discover more about Debra click here

  • Talk to Charles about his next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes” You may be one of them!  Email Charles or call him on 1300 982 520



Motivation comes from many sources. Spiritual, mental and physical.  Music, water, scenery. This series of images shows the tenacity of Mother Nature in TREES THAT LIVE ON NO MATTER WHAT

It is that time of year. So relax and let your imagine run to next-time in Part 1 HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS



Agree or not, he follows his own path. Billed as “Freedom’s Salesman” I caught up with DAVID LEYONHJELM a dedicated Libertarian, at the recent launch of his new book. Politicians are an interesting lot. Leave it to you to listen and decide for yourself.

Ivan Ang is the Leadership Signature Coach. It has taken him over 20 years of successful development, working with clients and his own unique special skill-set. In 2018 Ivan launches his full Leadership Signature Program. Ivan is one of the nicest, most knowledgeable, most charismatic and positive people I have ever met. MANSAM® Magazine joins his thousands of associates, friends and clients in wishing him every success. Please enjoy this interview with IVAN.

Every now and then a person comes back into your life and you are impressed by how much they have accomplished in the years since you last met. This is exactly what happened at a dinner when I sat opposite Ariana Schneider. She had moved to the mid-north coast and with some talented associates staged a massive and massively successful production called CRYSTAL DREAMING an original musical, with a stellar cast and a sell-out show. In this slightly longer-than-usual interview Ariana tells us all about it.



This is a concept video. It is quite amazing. You have to view this video.  THE CICRET BRACELET I want one!

Last and certainly not least is my New Year greeting to all you wonderful readers of MANSAM® Magazine throughout Australia and throughout the world in 60 SECONDS WITH SAM in a casual summer t-shirt on a beautiful Sydney day.


Please enjoy our first Edition for 2018.


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