ALTIFORT is an international industrial group made up of several companies in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Ukraine). Created in 2013 by two visionary people, Bart Gruyaerd & Stanislas Vigier. The ALTIFORT group is in full development, with industrial activities organized around two major hubs, Altifluid & Altimotion.


Is focusing on the latest technology in detection of corrosion, pitting, cleaning in above and underground storage tanks and pipelines. Containing  drinking water, industrial water, steam, industrial effluents, gas, volatile organic compounds, petroleum, agri-food fluids,

We are producing world class valves with a two year warranty for the same industry.

Our artificial intelligent robots can work in a “ATEX 0 ENVIRONMENT”, which makes it a safe and risk free, there it will not be needed to bring people in harm’s way.

Our Altifluid team can provide preventive maintenance, maintenance outsourcing, contract manufacturing service and asset Class maintenance outsourcing.


Services and technologies for industry 4.0: Cobot (integration of machine-to-human communication), integration and automation, EPC (engineering, procurement & construction), data exchange, calculation, assembly, inspection and testing, machining.”

Guido Van Baelen

foto Guido

With more than 30 years’ experience in managing and coaching people whole over the world, Guido’s people skills are very much developed to suit any situation or culture.
Reinventing himself on a daily basis gives him the strength to adapt to any situation that comes in front of him. He follows new trends in management and coaching is crucial to stay in touch with the ever changing market. His management style is an upside down pyramid, as Managers are only as good as the performants of person on the lowest step of the ladder.

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History of Altifort
In 2013, two entrepreneurs Bart GRUYAERT and Stanislas VIGIER decided to join forces to create the ALTIFORT group. A naval training engineer, Bart has developed his leadership and management skills through his international experience in large groups. Stanislas is an agronomic engineer by training, he is passionate about marketing and commercial development, which he puts into practice on a daily basis. He has written and published a book on these last two subjects. Together, they have taken advantages of their respective skills to get into the recovery and development of companies. Rapidly growing since its ceation, the Altifort group has achieved a turnover of 70 million euros.





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