The Hawaiians have a name for it, Laniakea which translates to Immeasurable Heaven. This term refers to a super-cluster of 100,000 galaxies that spread 500 million light years across the Universe. (If you think that is a big number, consider the 6.7 billion light-years from one side of the Universe to the other – and no, I am not getting into a discussion of the Universe having no ‘edges’ or is expanding etc.)

What I want to wish you is “Laniakea” Immeasurable Heaven, as we approach the start of the Festive Season and the conclusion of this year.

What a year! Individually and collectively. Nationally and Internationally. I don’t know about you, but I have never experienced anything like it.

At MANSAM® Magazine we will only ever treat you how we would want to be treated. No pop-ups (I detest them), no spamming, no low-quality ‘noise’ that will try to steal your attention.

What you will get is our best ideas and material. Content to suit you – our very select, special and unique audience. Only the best from our Contributors and our Advertisers – and their best ideas too. As I wrote in a recent Blog (have you looked at our Blog Section recently?) “If you want world-class success, you need to make world-class choices – and become the person who you are meant to be – to do what you are meant to do.” Easier said, than done. Also 100% correct if you want to excel.

As Dan Sullivan, a hero of mine says, “Always make your future bigger than your past” and my mate ‘Rocket Jones’ expanded that quote to read, “make your tomorrow bigger and better than your yesterday”.

Publishing MANSAM® has taught me a great deal. About myself, about You – our readers, listeners and viewers, about our Advertisers, about the ‘Market’ and about Australia and about this World of ours. Obviously Australia is #1. Do you know our #2 readership is the USA and in large numbers. I definitely should be selling adverts there! The top list also contains  Sweden, the UK and Belgium. That, to me, is amazing when we are coming-up to 4 years old in 2018.

“You cannot be half envious and half grateful.” Dan Sullivan and I want you to know I am totally, completely, full-on grateful to all of you who enjoy this unique magazine of ours.

Here’s what our last 2017 Edition holds for You.



INTRODUCING LOBSTER INFUSED BEER When I read this article I thought, “Oh, come on – get serious.” Apparently they are! See what you think.

It has been too long since we featured an article by Dave the Cabbie. I like this one BRINGING UP THE REAR and I hope you like it too.

Again! We feature Malcolm Gladwell in our Podcast-Interview section. Why not? This interview was a coup – thanks to good friend Max Markson. Here is your opportunity to see, hear and maybe meet Malcolm when he visits Oz this month. READ ON HERE

BRIAN WALKER Is the CEO of RETAIL DOCTOR GROUP. He is the ‘Go-To’ person when retailers feel a “fever” or a “cold” coming on. Hello ‘Amazon’ Call out the Doctor and do it now ASAP. Brian’s business first completes a diagnoses and then nurses his retail client(s) back to good health. If you can download the article or purchase a copy of the book “50 Unsung Business Heroes” published by Charles Fairly, do so. This article is one of 50 excellent reads that make your time and money worth it. You will discover more about Brian here

  • Interested in knowing more about Charles’s next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes?” You may qualify to be featured. Email Charles
  • Call Charles on: 1300 982 520



Nature. It is real, it is beautiful and we feature lots of “Nature Images” in MANSAM®. In this series you will find many new, plus a few you may have seen, in GET OUT AND ENJOY NATURE – part 1. Fun and leaves you feeling good.

Garry Beath our resident photographer and good friend always starts his day at world-famous Bondi Beach. This short series is pure magic. BONDI EARLY MORNING PINK SKY Beautiful.



Meet international speaker and futurist MALCOLM GLADWELL.  I interviewed Malcolm via Skype while he was in New York. It is a short and somewhat unusual podcast. He’s in Australia this month and his program The Future: Disrupted and Reimagined is featured on our Home Page should you want to see him live. And why wouldn’t you want to be in the audience! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Our final podcast-interview featuring PROFESSOR PETER SCHOFIELD FAHMS PhD Executive Director and CEO of NeuRA (Neurological Research Australia). Peter is a world-class person, he is doing a fabulous job and his organisation is recognised internationally as being of world-class standard. Thank you Peter and a special “Thank You” to Chairman of NeuRA, Norbert Schweizer who made this series possible.

PHILIP PRYOR is the leading Consultant in the niche he has made his specialty – family business. Amongst the largest organisations in Australia and in any country you will find a Family Business. Philip has a reputation for being a safe pair of hands, able to resolve difficult and sometimes complex issues. Working with founders, other family members working in the business, siblings who are current/future shareholders  and management. Professionally sorting-out problems, laying-out frameworks and gaining agreements. A lifetime of successful work in Australia and Internationally. And a really nice person as well.



I am – as I am certain you are too – very health conscious, particularly as we live in a melanoma kingdom! This is a brilliant, short video by IBM OUT-THINK MELANOMA every beach-goer at every beach, every farmer, every holiday-maker, every convertible sports-car driver – all of us – need to watch this video! I like that it is shot at Bondi too and features my Surf Club.

The Team at MANSAM® Magazine joins me in wishing you a good, safe, happy Holiday Season and end-of-year. Enjoy this final MANSAM® for 2017. Back at you in January 2018



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