Greetings – a big announcement from your MANSAM® Online Magazine.

MANSAM® is going monthly!

You know my feelings about the ever-increasing deluge of email. The constant barrage of social-media, videos, articles et al. Enough already!

MANSAM® is designed to be enjoyed. We purposely do not load lots and lots into every new edition. Six to eight items max. That’s all. Sweet treats is what we aim for. MANSAM® is quick and easy to read, to watch and listen to. This magazine is all about values – your values and ours, including that often overlooked and most important value, trust. Trust is both a feeling and a rational experience. We try hard to provide both to you. Our friends and associates in the digital-media business said we should be publishing daily. No way! Who has time to read an online journal like MANSAM® Magazine daily (or even fortnightly) and that is precisely why from now on we are going to publish new editions monthly, commencing with this November edition.

We have added something new too. In the top menu bar. It’s headed, The Blog (no, not an old film!) This is MANSAM’S new take on Blogging.

A “Tribe” all my expert friends in the digital world said to me. “You need a Tribe of followers to read your blogs”. “You’re the subject-matter expert, so write about something you specialise in doing”. Now those statements do not sit well with me at all. Here is why. My first job after school was in TV Production. Then with a good mate I formed a Film Production company – Samson Productions. We made some damn good feature-films too. I moved, reluctantly, into retail – new and ‘pre-loved’ items – cameras, guitars, watches and jewellery, rifles and umbrellas, radios and television sets, golf clubs and kitchen appliances. You had to know how they worked and how to repair them, safely. I learnt a lot – about a lot of things. Then I entered the Life Risk Insurance business. Loved it. Learnt how to really sell and how to professionally provide top-quality service to my clients. I learnt about people – you become the family confider and psychologist. Ditto business clients. The CEO always confided in you. People-problems, marketing and sales problems, in the hope you had a solution – which you often did! At the same time I was invited to join the Board of what was then Australia’s top Advertising Agency – and learnt a lot more. I dreamt-up the Daffodil logo for the Cancer Council (now the international symbol of Hope) and also MC’d the American Chamber of Commerce lunches (Amcham) and wow, did we ever “pack the house”. So I became a speaker, author and lecturer. Then along came the internet. Learning how to use it (anyone remember Mosaic?) and how to code (badly) in ‘Basic’. Then MANSAM® Magazine was created and my Digital Publishing life began. Subject matter expert?!! Jack of all trades if you ask me! Check out The Blog which we’ll be adding to on a regular basis.

Here is all that is new and special in this edition of MANSAM® Magazine.



INTERLUDE is a really, really good short-story from the master Bill Widerberg. Like The New Yorker, we think of Bill who is a well-known and very popular author as MANSAM’S “writer in Residence”.

Our USA resident-writer is ex-pat Aussie Bob Pritchard who visits home regularly. Bob’s services as a marketing guru are in demand world-wide. Please enjoy his current article for MANSAM® WHY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL BE A $60 BILLION BUSINESS IN 2020

 JEREMY BIGGS is the CEO of MAC TELEMETRY. This is an excellent article. Jeremy put it “all on the line” and this is a ‘must’ for anyone who has not entered or understood how retail technology works. If you can download the article or purchase a copy of the book “50 Unsung Business Heroes” published by Charles Fairly, do so. This article alone is worth it. You will discover more about Jeremy here 

  • Interested in knowing more about Charles’s next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes?” You may well qualify to be featured. Email Charles here 
  • Call Charles on: 1300 982 520



These are different. I say that because there’s a ‘sameness’ about a set of images such as our friends send us via email from time-to-time. Check out these DIFFERENT IMAGES Part 1. See for yourself.

This one’s a “keeper” as it is so interesting – and different too. Discover INTERESTING FACTS and learn a thing or two – I sure did.



You know that phrase, “The Tipping Point”? Have you read the book? Excellent. As is “Blink” and “What The Dog Saw” plus “David and Goliath”. The author of these books plus others, who writes regularly for The New Yorker and is an international speaker and futurist is MALCOLM GLADWELL. I interviewed Malcolm via Skype while he was in New York. It is a short and somewhat unusual podcast. He’s a nice guy and he will be in Oz this December thanks to Markson Sparks! MANSAM® Magazine will be giving him and the program The Future: Disrupted and Reimagined a big promotion in our December 1st Edition. This was a fun interview.

In a previous podcast-interview we featured PROFESSOR PETER SCHOFIELD FAHMS PhD Executive Director and CEO of NeuRA (Neurological Research Australia). This is Part 2 of a 3 part series of discussions with Peter. Interesting and informative.



You may have seen this AIR NEW ZEALAND SAFETY VIDEO. It is so good, so funny and so clever. Every time I watch this video I have a chuckle. Love it. Hope you do too.

60 SECONDS WITH SAM This cracker young lady, ALICE LACEY is the Marketing Manager of Owen Hodge Lawyers. We met for a coffee and a business chat. I invited Alice to have some fun with this segment – even though I was without my 60 seconds ‘Hooter’. She agreed – and here it is. Different, surprising and informative. You learn a lot about a person in 60 seconds!


Please Enjoy this November 2017 Edition of your MANSAM® Magazine.



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