Come on! Let’s get serious! It is time to be positive. Bring in the happiness – let out the laughter. Yes, I know – trust me – I know what a whacky world we live in. The “daily news” keeps getting worse (people have said to me it’s always been this way – no, it hasn’t) I don’t need to spell it out to you. There’s more stress and less time – well there’s still 24 hours in every day – but it sure goes quickly. Many people seem to be under growing time-pressures. Driving is scary. Everyone is in a hurry. Pushy. There is a lack of signalling and an over-use of the horn – often directed at someone who is doing the ‘right’ thing.

I find peace and harmony and motivation in music. The positive difference it makes to my work is enormous. I also find peace in breathing (very important for you to keep breathing!) and as many of you know, I have a routine that I follow daily. More on that in this Magazine. Which brings me to the other thing I enjoy. That is putting each new edition of MANSAM® Magazine together with Kellie who weaves her magic behind the scenes. I really enjoy reading this Magazine, enjoy watching the videos and listening to the podcast-interviews. I find it relaxing and thought provoking. I hope the same is true for you.

Here is what we present for you in this edition of MANSAM® Magazine.



Those very capable lawyers Owen Hodge, protect their clients in so many ways, assuring their security in their daily lives, in their commercial lives and believe-it-or-not, most importantly, after life is over. I see it constantly – ‘estate wars’ – fighting over wills and property. In this excellent article, Owen Hodge explain “WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO HAVE THAT INHERITANCE TALK TODAY”.

From that cracker coach, speaker, ex-Aussie Army “Digger” and full-on motivator Ritchie Gibson we learn why there is “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS


KATHERINE HAWES is the Principal Solicitor at Aquarius Lawyers. She advises international fishery and shipping corporations in marine and ocean law, which includes aquaculture. She also lectures law students and races sports-cars. Katherine is our featuredUnsung Business Hero of Australia”, from the great book published by Charles Fairly. To discover more about Katherine click here

  • Interested in knowing more about Charles’s next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes?” You may well qualify to be featured. Email him here or call Charles on: 1300 982 520



BEAUTIFUL HIDDEN LOCATIONS is exactly what its name implies. This is Part 1 and I know you will like it. Very special.

In a similar – but different – now there’s a classic oxymoron, is this small series “SEVEN OF THE MOST GUARED PLACES ON EARTH” all for you to check out and see for yourself.



I had never met MARK LATHAM before this interview. Never liked him much when he was the Labor Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Now he has moved – both out of politics and from the Left. All of a sudden I have taken a shine to the man. He speaks sense and he sure says it as he sees it. His views coincide with my views. Please listen to this interview.   I seriously recommend you read his new book “Outsiders”.

LAURA MENSCHIK CFP FFPA is a good friend. She is also one of Australia’s most outstanding Financial Planners. Managing Director of WLM Financial Services, Laura was a founding member and former Director of the FPA and was awarded the FPA’s ‘Distinguished Service Award’ in 2001. Her firm provides accounting, tax, financial and aged-care related advice. Laura is a trusted professional and a wonderful person.



If you are a Rugby “tragic” or just enjoy the game – or are curious to see something special – then watch this SENSATIONAL RUGBY KICK fun!

SAM ON FIRE! Here it is! Part 3 of my series on Energy. Personal, human, energy. I was taught this technique 35 years ago by an Emeritus-Professor of Physics from Beijing University. China had just ‘opened’ to the West and I was fortunate to be invited as a speaker. There were few cars, only bicycles. No smog and it was a beautiful day when at 6am I met the Prof. by pure chance. Over two hours he taught me many breathing and movement techniques. In 5 minutes I endeavour to replicate the “energy” exercises for you. Towards the end I have a slip-of-the-tongue and say “bring in the enemy”. I of course meant to say “bring in the energy”. Energy is not our enemy – it is part of our life-force. A very positive and much needed resource.


There you have it. Please do Enjoy this Edition of your MANSAM® Magazine.



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