I like simplicity in my life. The world we live in is so damn complicated. So, simplify, simplify, simplify is my motto. Also, as you may know, I am an avid user of technology – to simplify my life. Therefore I thought I’d share some of my work-related apps with you. They work on both iOS and Windows.

Bear is my writing platform. When I move to an iPad Pro I will change to MyScript. I carry a fine-tip touch-screen stylus wherever I go.

Remember The Milk is an app I am seriously wrapped in. I use it constantly. So easy, so reliable, so good. Try it.

Leadsgo is an OK quick leads-collector. Just the basic facts. A great dashboard layout. Synchs with everything. If you are in a business or profession where you constantly need to record basic-info and communicate with new people who are not yet in your data-base, then this is a simple, effective, way to go.

Daily Notes is my diary. Not my calendar, my diary. Meetings, minutes and all important notes go in here – in date-order and easy to locate.

Kanbana is for quick notes and on-the-go client or leads data (name, email, mobile number) that I will later transfer to LeadsGo. NB: do not complicate it.

Simple Mind is the best, quickest mind-mapping and ideas-to-visual format app that I have used. And I have tried many! Excellent for presentations. So easy to use. Love it.

I mainly work on an iPad and use my iPhone to record all audio and video podcast-interviews, plus communicate! The other small and very important pieces of my equipment – all portable – are a little Wi-Fi hub ‘connector’; a folding, pocket-size, blue-tooth key-board; a mini selfie-stick and a small, solid, portable tri-pod with a blue-tooth remote camera-trigger that operates the shutter/video.

There are several more. Let’s do them at another time.

Now for MANSAM® Magazine



We kick-off (end-of-season appropriate) with “INTERESTING QUOTES OVER TIME” Part 3.

Our friend Ritchie Gibson presents another cracker article, “WOLVES DON’T LOSE SLEEP OVER THE OPINION OF SHEEP” (Rhymes!)

TOBY TRAVANNER CEO of THE LEARNING COMPANY, MC and SPEAKER is an outstanding speaker and interviewer with a fabulous and fascinating story. Toby is our featuredUnsung Business Hero of Australia”, published by Charles Fairlie.

  • Interested in knowing more about Charles’s next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes?” You may well qualify to be featured. Email Charles or call him on 1300 982 520



Garry Beath is a Bondi Beach regular, early-morning swimmer and serious amateur photographer. The former is OK for most people in a small surf with no discernible rips. There’s always rips – the water flows ‘in’ so it has to find a path to flow ‘out’. In a big swell you need to know what you are doing, as big waves (aka “blocks of flats”) fall over – sometimes right on top of you. So it stands to reason that to take good images on a water-proof camera in big waves takes skill – and skill. Fortunately Garry has both. Here is a much calmer series of his, WRINKLED CLOUDS BONDI Part 1.

Please also take a look at EDUCATIONAL IMAGES Part 1.



This issue we are joined by Tony Bonney from Podium on Purpose assisting companies reconnect to their core purpose via new thinking, relating, learning and organising.  LISTEN NOW.



Owen Hodge Lawyers introduce a new series of Staff Introductions, “Meet Our Team”. Today we are introduced to Partner PETER BOUZANIS.

SAM ON FIRE! Starts the ball rolling on Energy, personal, human, energy.

60 SECONDS WITH SAM is a fun, short interview with Krizelle Sy, senior bookkeeper (and Aussie qualified accountant) working with Pacific Accounting Solutions. An amazing lady who recently visited Australia from the Philippines to attend a conference. Why do I say she is ‘amazing’? Simply because she has to put up with me, as a client!


Warrane College on the University of NSW Campus is a residential, study, social, religious and sporting “House”. It strives – and succeeds – in building the ‘character’, professionalism and futures of its resident students. I am fond of this college. They hold monthly dinners with a featured speaker and I have been honoured to be one of those speakers. Their Head of House is a very special Professor of Medicine (who was a student there himself) who last year saved my life. Those are two very good reasons to feel fondly about Warrane. There are many other good reasons too.

Each year Warrane presents a special, unique, lecture. This year it will be delivered by Michael L’Estrange AO. His topics are: “Individual Rights, National Security and the Role of Government in the Global Era”. You can learn more about THE WARRANE LECTURE 2017 simply by clicking.


Please take the time to enjoy this Edition of your MANSAM Magazine.


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  1. David Silberstein

    Good on you Sam. Will never forget the time you told me to be calm on the outside, even when you have 100 horses galloping on the inside. You be been an inspiration to many over the years and many including myself have benefited by your guidance and inspiration, and to say the least your undying energy.

    Thanks Sam


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