To begin this Edition of your MANSAM® Magazine I recorded a “Sam on Fire” episode on talking to one-another. You know, actually speaking face-to-face with someone. Mobile-phone to mobile-phone is good when you cannot be face-to-face and most plans allow unlimited calls. Not texting, talking – and please, definitely not emailing. So after recording this video (see below) I took-off for the CBD and a series of meetings. Here is what happened.

I was early for my first meeting, so I decided to enjoy 10 minutes “me” time in the building lobby. Four comfortable chairs. Three taken. As I prepare to sit down the man in the chair next to mine removes his take-away coffee from the arm of my chair. “Thanks” say I. “What”, I ask, “is that lapel-pin you are wearing?” “It’s my company logo – HPE.” “Oh I know HP, met Dave Packard, who started the business in his garage, on one of his visits to Australia, I even wore and used one of the fabulous HP watches. Amazing technology. Years ahead of its time.”(NPI) After that brief exchange Nicholas (Nick) and I couldn’t stop talking. Mutual friends, business associates and so on. We swapped cards and have no doubt will soon catch-up again.

The train back to the MANSAM® office was quite full. I took an aisle seat next to a nicely dressed fellow. “How’s your day been?” I enquired. “Good” he replied. “How come” said I. Troy and I entered into a fabulous conversation. We discovered we lived quite near to each other. His work is a fascinating specialty. And although he is now an Aussie, he is so very proud of his USA roots. As the train pulled-in to our station, Troy said, honestly this is exactly what he said, “Thank you Sam for engaging me in conversation, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you!” So, 2 people, 2 talks, 2 great contacts. Try talking.

Talking is a two-way process. Not you talk – then they talk. It’s you talk – and they listen. Then they talk – and you listen. Listening, really listening, takes effort. And it is worth the effort. I just enjoyed splitting a Reuben-sandwich for lunch with Wayne, my real-estate mate. He’d been training some young-guns and raised the topic of how important it is to listen. As he said, “Listening makes sales – and the lack of it breaks sales.” How true!

Time for you to listen-in, view, read and enjoy this 1st September edition of MANSAM® Magazine.



Wayne (above) and I discussed trends. At MANSAM® we are avid followers of research into trends world-wide. In fact we have set a couple of our own! An example of what we look at is: 7 TRENDS THAT WILL DRIVE CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH TO THE END OF 2017

Owen Hodge, is once again right on the button (great firm to do business with – cracker lawyers – and really nice people to deal with too) HOW ARE OVERSEAS SAME-SEX MARRIAGES RECOGNISED IN AUSTRALIA?”  Talk about timely!

Charles Fairlie is featured in a podcast-interview below. Charles has lots of media experience and knowledge. He is also professional in everything he does – and to top it off he is a super-nice person. Charles is the Publisher of “50 Unsung Business Heroes” which is all about great Australian success stories of which you may not be aware. The book was launched by our Federal Treasurer, The Hon. Scott Morrison MP and it is wonderful, inspirational and educational. I am half-way through my copy and loving every page. Thanks to Charles we will be featuring some of these outstanding people. The first is CLIVE SUMMERFIELD, CEO – AURAYA SYSTEMS, ARMORVOX. What does this business do, how did Clive start it? There is so much more than those questions answered in this starter video. You can discover much more at The Unsung Business Hero’s Website

  • Interested in knowing more about Charles’s next publication of “50 Unsung Business Heroes?” Contact him here or Call him on 1300 982 520



Need I say more! FABULOUS PHOTOGRAPHY Part 1. Different and beautiful wildlife.

Lots of positive feed-back from our first series. Here is Part 2 of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES AROUND THE WORLD there are some exquisite examples of architecture, illustrated for your pleasure.



It’s time for another STRAIGHT TALK with David Begg, CEO of PremierState. David is always topical, erudite and absolutely no-nonsense.

Mental illness, in its many forms and in every age group is rampant. I mistakenly used to think it was as straight-forward as a lack or loss of identity; a lack or loss of community i.e. ‘belonging’ and/or no sense of purpose. How wrong was I and thankfully I am not driving the program into neurological discoveries. Professor Peter Schofield FAHMS PhD is the Executive Director and CEO of NeuRA – NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH AUSTRALIA and that is his job – heading the research. I highly recommend this first interview with Peter, a great leader of his organisation, doing such important work and a top person to meet and interview. I am delighted to introduce you to Peter.

To think that publishing MANSAM® Magazine, together with another fabulous website-portal I am also totally involved with, Different Weddings (ah ha, you didn’t know about that one, “Weddings with a Difference”, did you?) is my full-time job and it is really fun. I meet and interview amazing Australians in every walk of life. I have already mentioned above Charles Fairlie, Publisher of “50 Unsung Business Heroes” CEO OF PURPOSE PUBLISHING and an A1 Entrepreneur. Here is our interview.



The first time I saw this video it hit home the importance of understanding “Mother Nature” and how our lack of understanding has caused so much grief. THE WOLVES OF YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK is a must watch. I promise you will be surprised.

We conclude with my take on talking – to one-another. SAM ON FIRE! This is what my Editorial was all about.


Wise and experienced heads have suggested to me that MANSAM® Magazine has grown to the point that we should be more serious in our journalistic approach. Not quite so folksy. Yes, we are becoming mainstream. No, we are not about to forgo the look and feel of something that now appeals to so many.

Therefore, please Enjoy! Sam

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