Is most of the world crazy – or, am I? Ever feel that you are out-of-step? I read the QUARTZ report online. Most articles are very current, newsworthy, informative etc. There were three items however that really got to me. The first was that Boeing have been studying Geese and decided that to save fuel maybe airliners should fly in a V formation! Seriously. Next up was the guy entrusted by the USA to set the passwords for all government departments. He’s just admitted he got it all wrong! Great, no wonder the Yanks have been hacked. Finally was an item about the scientific testing of the optimal time to milk dunk an Oreo cookie for eating-perfection. Hey, aren’t there lives to save? Children to educate? Cancer causes to eliminate? Turns out its three seconds for an optimal Oreo experience. Who cares? I enjoy just dunking my bikkies – not timing them!

Recently I read a scientific report showing that success (what-ever that is to you?) rarely brings happiness – but that happiness does bring success! (Again, what is success?). My latest online book read was “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” – by Mark Manson (Amazon). An excellent de-stressing tonic. There are things the author suggests you definitely do care about, which he raises towards the end of this book. Reading it has certainly made me a slower and therefore better driver! If I’m late – I’m late. Those who know me will understand.

The one big business item I do care about is MANSAM® Magazine. So here is what we have for you in this Edition:



I hopped into a cab and the driver said, “My Dad has invented this great way to test spark-plugs in lawn-mowers. Makes it easy and foolproof” See what you think in this item on John Leeson’s creation.

As you know, Bill Widerberg is someone I greatly respect. This is an excellent article on the subject of “English



Two interesting visual-presentations for you:

Norwegian Log-Stacking Art – Part 1. You cannot say that MANSAM® doesn’t give you something different?

Check out Wall Art in Europe – Part 1. Yes, I know you have seen some of these, however this is the best collection we could gather for you to enjoy.



Straight Talk with David Begg from PremierState. David covers the hot topic of Same-Sex Marriage. Both David and I have something to say on this dividing – and very human – issue.

Corrie Ackland is a senior professional-consultant at the Sydney Phobia Clinic. When is a superstition a habit? No, this lady goes much, much further into our fears – and how they hold us back. Sometimes terrify us. I thoroughly enjoyed our interview and hope you will too!

Dr Peter Slezak is a leading Physician Specialist in Sydney. We first met when he was the Chief Medical Officer for many of Australia’s leading Life Insurance companies. Peter’s work now extends to other areas, as he tells us in this interview.

Bob Pritchard is our International MANSAM® Correspondent. Sam and Bob caught up for coffee on his recent visit here. An Australian who lives and works in Los Angeles, Bob has his own regular radio show “Voice of America Business” and holds the prestigious International Marketer of the Year Award. Listen now.

Jeremy Richman has created an exciting, different and completely new concept in video marketing. Sam talks to him more about this different and effective AV product.



Sam on Fire! Something you may find of value. LMNOPQ. What is that? It is my ‘take’ on Light, Meaning, Now, Offer, Passion and Questioning. It will take you 4 minutes of your time to find out what I’m on about. Hope you find something of benefit in this.

Here’s a surprise! Good News. Your Stressful Job Could Be improving Your Overall Health. Yeah right. So, check it out.


That’s all. That’s All! Another selection of short, different, interesting, fun and very MANSAM® Magazine items.


Please Enjoy!


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