Family and friends – friends and family – some say you pick one and get ‘landed’ with the other. I say you actually get to choose both. You know who you want in your “inner-circle” to share your life and life-events. This past weekend I enjoyed the latter. Two wonderful family – and friends – gatherings. Both were fun celebrations. Everyone ate, drank, danced, and talked – exactly as it should be. And at both events I scored a cracker parking spot. You cannot ask for more.

A load of Tripe. That’s what many people call it. I have never known a food-type so polarising. When asked about likes and dislikes with the majority of food you will most times receive an “I can take it or leave it” or “I’m allergic to it” or “I’ve never tried it e.g. snails”. With tripe it is either “YUK, I cannot stand the thought of it – I detest it – I was forced to eat it as a child, never ever again. YUK” or “OMG I love it. I haven’t had it since I was a kid. My Mum/Aunty made it for me with white sauce. I wish I could find somewhere that serves it on their menu etc. etc” there is no in-between. You either detest it – or love it. I am in the latter camp. A salivating member of the NSW Tripe Club. (Tripe Clubs are found all over the world). My wife cannot think of anything worse! So obviously she doesn’t cook it for me. Some wives do – not many. That is why about 120 men and 5-10 women regularly turn up to our Tripe Club lunches. Gone are the days of ‘white sauce’ as you will see in this short video, taken at Cipri Italian Restaurant in Paddington, Sydney. This is where our recent, very successful and absolutely delicious lunch was enjoyed.

Now, if you are still with me, here is what we have for you to enjoy, enlarge and motivate your month of August:



Why do we need Blockchain? Bob Pritchard and his lovely wife Margie flew into Australia last week. We met over coffee a couple of times. Bob is now a regular contributor to this magazine and he is way ahead of the pack when it comes to what is happening to our lives globally. This excellent article Blockchain to Minimise Counterfeiting” will be a good introduction to the currency and purchasing mechanism that could – many say will – change the way we buy and sell goods and services and exchange money in the near-future.

Do you think, guess or know what is going on inside your client’s head? In my book, MANSAM’S good friend Tony Vidler is the best adviser and consultant, in his field, in New Zealand. He knows his stuff. He is a master. As you will discover when you read his item, “Do You Know What Your Clients Want? Really?” Do yourself a favour and check this out.



Winter at the Beach? During the recent schools vacation (when internet access was severely slow and limited – I just cannot understand why?!!!) the world-famous Bondi Beach had an ice-skating rink and a huge Ferris-wheel (so too did Luna Park) and our resident photographer Garry Beath (lawyer by day and early morning photographer) has some super images of Bondi and the promenade, all lit up, to show you.

Something very different and a bit crazy. “Cool Seats” Part 1 shows another and imaginative-side of design – and life.



We are proud to present 2 excellent podcasts for your listening and learning pleasure:

Do you think twice about leaving on the heater? You’re A/C running 24/7? David Begg leads off with his “Straight Talk” . This one on the vexing subject of Energy – and Government choices. A brave man is David.

Learning to Give-Back. Nature’s gentleman is my title for Norbert Schweizer OAM a partner in the law firm Schweizer Kobras. In fact he is the recipient of many awards and titles. Norbert has been recognised for services to Australia and Australians. He is a Director and Chairman of Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA); past President of the Emanuel Synagogue and has received Church Honours from the Mormon Community. I learnt a lot from this warm, modest and generous person. Please enjoy this interview.



What makes you angry? Frustrated? Cry? Laugh? A brand new series. A short 3 minute video: “Sam on Fire” where I give you my views on a hot topic that concerns us all. This is #1 and points the way to the future of shopping-centres.

Want to Lighten-Up? A bit of fun in “Dancing Traffic Lights”.



A light-hearted short-video on the serious, worrying and growing issues of cancer in Australia with Dr Emma – Oncologist from the Kinghorn Cancer Centre in Sydney.


All yours to soak-in at your leisure. Everything we promote for you in this Edition of your MANSAM® Magazine, short articles, videos and podcasts, interesting, truthful, informative items, all mixed with a little fun

Please Enjoy!




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