With last years US elections over, we have seen the American people vote for change and the successful candidate, is not a politician.

Let’s be perfectly clear here. This wasn’t a vote for Donald Trump. It was a vote against everyone else. People are craving change as they are sick and tired of the same old Sh#t.

A prime example is here at home with Australia going through 5 Prime Ministers in as many years, which is just plain embarrassing.

This got me thinking. Are our politicians a reflection of us?

Are we looking in the mirror when we are judging or criticising our politicians?

Do we get the politicians we deserve?

If we want them to change and them to be better, maybe we should change ourselves, maybe we should be better, rather than throwing rocks from our glass houses.

Maybe we are the ones who are narcissistic, maybe we are the ones who are putting our interests in front of everyone else, and if you look at the way most companies are run, the majority of leaders are focused on the profits over people.

So maybe, instead of demanding that our politicians change, maybe we should demand that we change and take some accountability for our own actions and maybe then we will get the politicians we deserve.

Our own selfishness is getting in the way and obstructing what as human beings we do best, and that is being selfless.

As a society, we as the people, are a reflection of our leaders. If you are a leader, then lead by example and know that someone is always watching you and the standards you set. Your employees are a reflection of your company. If your employees are rude to customers, don’t add perceived value to your current client base, that is a reflection of the person at the top, or at least the person they directly answer to.


Written by: Ritchie Gibson 



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