Welcome to our “Young Entrepreneurs” Edition and a new video section of your MANSAM® Magazine. It’s called MANSAM® Live –  it’s a little bit of fun and short, 1 minute videos “60 Seconds with Sam”. Check them out. Learn a little. Smile a little. Different, fun and fast. Hopefully you will find them enjoyable too!  You will find a link to my intro Video below – and a permanent link in our menu-bar above: MANSAM LIVE. 

I marvel at the technology skills of today’s younger men and women. They will adapt AI, robots and blockchain to suit their needs and purposes brilliantly. So we decided to feature a few innovative leaders in their fields and celebrate their creative developments. We think you will find them interesting.

Many, many of us feel stress and fatigue by the pressures we are constantly under. Time, work, family, personal – and bucket-loads of damn emails! We are merging our work-lives and our personal private-lives into one. That’s OK as long as you make equal time for each and the people in those ‘times’ (as a friend of mine used to say, “sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours and play 8 hours – just don’t make them the same 8 hours!”. As of now our lives are pretty much the same 8 hours – not quite – but the times-of-our-lives are definitely merging. Where has the enjoyment gone?

Signs of Business Growth

Here is the line-up in this Edition of your MANSAM® Magazine.


You already know how much I admire Ritchie Gibson. He featured in our last Edition and features again in this one. If you work with a team – or have your own family at home – We are a Reflection of our Leadership is one for you.

Here’s one for new parents, Protecting Your Children through Guardianship Designation from our good friends and great lawyers Owen Hodge.

Sherwood Finance and the company Founder each celebrate 2 notable Birthdays. The Mortgage Broking company notched-up two successful years last month. The business founder and CEO turns 30 as of this Edition, the 15th of July. Daniel Donnelly is the first of our young entrepreneurs to be featured. He deeply believes that we can all be more generous towards the communities we live and work in. Read his article and you will discover how his first and innovative step towards that goal is being achieved. Well done and Happy Birthday to you Daniel.



Wow! Spectacular Photographs Taken by Drones – Part 1. This is well worth a look.

Must admit I am somewhat of a dreamer and thinker. I dwell on topics until an idea hits me. See what you think of Roads – a Philosophy of Life it’s nice.

We all like our feathery, fury animal friends – at home or in the wild. Check out Animal MagicPart 1. There are lots of these – but we all liked this one.


PODCAST INTERVIEWS – MANSAM® Magazine’s “Salute” to Young Entrepreneurs

I have known Mitch Hammer quite a while. His Dad is a good friend and very creative. Rubs off. Mitch, a true-blue Aussie is a resident of Japan. Obviously he eats the local cuisine – but he doesn’t read the language. Difficult when you want to order a simple meal – impossible if you desire something special on the Menu. So Mitch created an amazing App that ‘translates’ any foreign-language menu into English (or choose any language) and your phone displays the restaurant’s menu in your easy-to-understand personal lingo! Easy. Good one Mitch.

All my family are jewellers – except for me. I chose a different path – several. I enjoy wearing jewellery, particularly a bracelet. Mergim Qoqaj is a Swedish born local Australian jewellery-designer and manufacturer, who specialises in his unique bracelets for men. (Although they are comfortably unisex). He is a great guy and a true young entrepreneur.

We have previously featured Sean McDonald’s interview with Josh Brooks, an amazing young entrepreneur. Josh deserves a second go, he is so good plus clever – and modest. This young entrepreneur has already achieved success and has a very bright future.



Now this is hard to believe. In fact it’s incredible! A Friendship with a Crocodile. No, this is no joke. Watch and see for yourself.



> David Begg

> David Norman

You need a little motivation and a smile – this is where you will find both.


What a cracker Edition of MANSAM® Magazine – here’s to your great weekend reading, listening and viewing.



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