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The gaps between generations is widening and the difference in thinking is growing, particularly in our life values. There has always been generational change and changes in generational values. But the shift is alarming – alarming that is, based on where you are looking from. Serious “them” and “us” scenarios are appearing. Ask any parent, regardless of their age-group and they will well-and-truly tell you.

Take this piece from Quadrant:  “It seems our desire for instant gratification has conquered most things of value. People are channel-hopping, snacking on ideologies and political styles, moving on as soon as they’re bored. In that light, Donald Trump is a political genius: His shifting positions on just about everything command attention and perfectly reflect the restless mood of the times. People are eager for something — anything — different, and damn any concerns about consistency.”

No matter what business you’re in – or what professional service you provide – this is a real cause for concern. It is sending traditional, previously successful businesses, broke! Top Shop is just one recent example. Hopefully they will recover from Administration. (Currently they are running a genuine 70% discount sale). No one wants to undersell their merchandise or their services. And why should you? You immediately de-value your goods, yourself and your service. Yet in this current climate it is becoming the norm.

Recently, DDB (one of the world’s giant advertising agencies) Australia and NZ Divisions, invested in excess of $1 million into its new ‘thinking and tools’ program and have adopted the following 3 point statement plan:

1. Culture dwarfs category
2. Feelings conquer thinking
3. Long term beats short term.

Wish they’d asked me. That is exactly what I promoted back in my Risk Insurance and Financial Planning days. It is exactly what we promote – and have from Day 1 in this Magazine. (NB: I am an enormous fan of the late, great, Bill Bernbach. I highly recommend you read his ‘sayings’ – he was the “B” in the current DDB).

Let’s conclude with a recent quote from Comms Lab; “In a world where attention spans are short and time constrained, are we missing an opportunity  to engage our audiences far more quickly, effectively and emotionally?” I would say “Yes, most definitely”!

Welcome to this new edition of your, MANSAM® Magazine.


Reading Bill Widerberg is always a pleasure. Bill is a friend and a cracker author. Enjoy his short essay, USE OF THE WORD ‘MULTIPLE’

In this article; FEAR = FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE the writer Ritchie Gibson brings his own life-experiences as a soldier (his recent past) to his words. I am a fan of Ritchie’s – we should feature him in our Motivation section – that is what he is all about.

New Zealand’s own Tony Vidler – author, speaker, blogger and consultant – presents a great piece on DIFFERENTIATING: BUILDING A STAND-OUT BRAND. Isn’t that what we all want – whether for ourselves, our service or our product?

Do you want a book about your life – or your family’s life – to give to current and future generations? Want a book to feature what you do – and how well you do it – for the benefit of your customers? Morris (Mo) Kaplan provides exactly that professional service. Assisting you to write (actually, record) your story, cover-art, layout, limited-run hard-copies, digital downloadable soft-copies. Mo is your man! Please check out his download in our E-BOOKS section.



Two very different offerings:



PODCAST INTERVIEWS (Magic and Art are everywhere)

A new “STRAIGHT TALK from David Begg, Partner of PremierState, on the topic of NEGATIVE GEARING and THE AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY MARKET

You will like the affable and very skilful George Rotenstein and you will love his unique art-works. George is a friend who weaves magic with his hands. Initially with his beautiful, miniature and now rare carousels. Today with his fabulous vintage and classic-car and motor-cycle framed art-pieces, all made 100% from genuine watch parts. They take time to create. They are available for sale by special order and they are unique. Each one is a work of art. GEORGE ROTENSTEIN – MINATURE CAROUSEL BUILDER

You can meet Ray Aitken in his Art Gallery. Which art gallery? There is one at The Sheraton-on-the-Park off Elizabeth St, Sydney. One at The Westin Hotel off Martin Place, Sydney and one at The Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. Ray commenced with the latter hotel gallery, which is why this interview is; MEET RAY AITKEN – WENTWORTH GALLERIES.



Art comes in many, many mediums. This is one of them. XAVI PUENTE – WOOD WORK ARTISAN is a special video we hope you will delight in watching.

A little bit of light humour to finish off – a short film about beans with an unexpected ending. WATCH NOW


Finally, do check-out the Dual Income Properties offer. It’s remarkable.


Enjoy it all.



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