There may – or may not – be a world-wide recession, although gold has been rising and Governments are warning about numerous factors that could affect everyone’s financial fortunes. In Australia we are being advised that a highly inflated housing-bubble could burst that would disrupt our economy.

Let’s say none of the above happens. Smooth seas financially speaking. When I owned a boat – a nice sized motor cruiser – I knew that fine weather or foul my boat was water-tight and solidly built to handle big, buffeting seas. I carried all the required (legislated) safety gear and more. Safety jackets, flares, radio-beacon, radios, first-aid-kit and inflatable rubber-dinghy. Plus long-life food and fresh water supplies.

I never, ever went out in really bad weather and turned for home when warnings were broadcast. But I was fully prepared for the worst. It only needs to happen once and it could cost you your life, your loved one – or ones – lives, and/or your mates lives.

The same security is needed financially. Just in case of a personal or national monetary storm – that turns into a tsunami. How secure will your money-boat be then?

I’m not talking about the life-jackets – they are your savings, your emergency funds – either saved or also backed-up by life-insurance. I’m not talking about your retirement investments – you might not get to use them in a current emergency! I am talking about your financial “boat”, your structure, your financial structure.

How secure, well built and financially water-proof is it?

Current up-to-date wills. Family Trust. Beneficiaries. Planned distributions.

Not a ‘patchwork quilt’ of bits and pieces, added to over the years. I am talking about a PLAN, built professionally by a legal and accounting crew, who know the people on-board your financial boat, their abilities, their needs and know-how and they will know when to tell you to batten-down the hatches – put your plan into action.

Welcome to Owen Hodge’s “Family Future” program.  Read it through, learn about it’s positive benefits, to you and those you love and those you care-for and then contact Owen Hodge to setup an appointment with their ‘all financial weather’ professionally qualified, personal and human financial ‘life-boat’ builders.


Written by: Sam Leon


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