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I wish I’d had this opportunity when my wife and I bought our first house. What a great idea! The unique Dual-Dwelling layout provides the investor with two rents instead of one, which means that your property will normally have a positive cash income.

Alternatively, live in one and reduce your mortgage payments or outgoings with the rent from next-door. Love it.

The dual dwelling-house and land packages are fully council approved and they can be rented individually.

A fire rated sound proof dividing wall separates the living areas, and it ensures the occupant’s privacy.

Tenancies can be arranged and managed for you. Dual homes from Dual Income Properties have a three year rental guarantee that provide purchasers complete peace of mind

When viewed from the road the home appears to be a quality stand-alone residential dwelling. It’s only when you look at the floor-plan that the clever dual-income design becomes apparent.

What appears to be one dwelling is actually two dwellings.

There are only normal house outgoings with only one set of rates and no body corporate fees.

This is the best idea I have seen in quite a while. And they are available right now, in South East Queensland, one of the fastest growing regions in Australia on land the company has acquired – or ready to be built on your own block.

Dual Income Properties have a panel of builders they work with and are sole agents for Metricon Dual homes.

Visit their Website

Call 1300 171 000 now to find out more info on creating wealth and financial independence by investing in Dual Income Properties.



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