Change is everywhere. I have written about it before. The pace is extraordinary. As I started to type this message – right now, here, at this point – my phone rang and a mate by the name of Peter, who as recently as last Xmas was ready to leave his mortal coil – die – was about to knock my socks off. He had been dying of stage 4 liver, lung and bone cancers and looked absolutely terrible in early last December when I shared a green-tea with him. Peter, just now, said to me, “Sam there is no sign of any cancer in my body”. OMG! Three treatments of “ipi” and “Nivo” (nicknames given to these new drugs) and Peter looks, acts and sounds powerful and fabulous. Unbelievable! Three short years ago my best-friend since school-days passed-away from a losing fight with pancreatic-cancer. Three years later another friend is saved – and a whole new field of treatment opens up.

As reported by the ABC on April 3rd this year, a Swedish company “Epicentre” offered to inject the hands of staff for free with a microchip that would unlock all security doors, enable use of the elevator, login automatically to their email, allow them to make airline bookings, drive corporate vehicles, attend the company gym and lots more. No keys, no tags, no passwords. So far 150 staff have agreed and are now ‘on line’.

Artificial intelligence

Recently I was introduced to what is currently being worked on for the next 10-20 years in brain technology. BCI aka Brain-Computer Interface, (also called BMI Brain Machine Implant) was originally created for disabled patients and those with certain medical conditions. BCI/BMI will ultimately be available, in a still to be built format, for every human on earth.

You are already inseparable from your mobile-phone. Me from my iPad. These are external connections. In your pocket and hand-bag. Close to us. They go everywhere with us. Imagine being wired or connected wirelessly, (the aim), by an implant, in your brain – a direct connection with your mobile phone, tablet, computer, the ‘cloud’, literally the entire internet. (Wikipedia connected directly into your brain!!) It is not so easy to do – as scientists and neuro-engineers are discovering. It is feasible, possible and is currently being progressed. The next phase of human “development”? Ultimately, brain-to-brain communication. I kid you not.

Here is the scary bit. It is being created so that we humans will stay ahead of AI (Artificial Intelligence) where machines, as I write this, are learning-to-learn so rapidly that science is unable to predict who-or-what will run who-or-what by 2050. It could come to the crunch even earlier. They really don’t know. It is hard to believe. However that small smart mobile phone of yours was unthinkable only 12 years ago, when the only portable device was a very expensive ‘Brick’. Today that mobile phone has more functionality and computer power than John Glenn’s lunar-lander. People would have laughed at you 12 years ago if you described what we have and use today. As for a watch – a mobile phone, a calendar + more sitting on your wrist? Come on!! Get real. Now we accept the Apple i-watch and the many other producers’ wrist-watch devices as normal. Stand by for more change than ever in your life.

At least MANSAM® Magazine remains regular, offering you, the influencer, the thinking-reader, our quality, interesting, entertaining and current information and knowledge, in short-form reads, videos and podcast-interviews.

Here’s what’s happening in your MANSAM® Magazine this week:


I am so impressed by a new, yet-not-so-new, concept in house-design for living or investment or both. Introducing Dual Income Properties and you can read all about them here.

Next is a must-read about planning and protecting your family before an unexpected event occurs. Peter, whom I mentioned in my Editorial above, now lectures on the great need of being prepared, financially and in every other way, plus your nearest-and-dearest educated and you being organised. Our respected professional friends Owen Hodge  provided the background for this article. Please read it now.

Garlic! I love it. There is only one problem – and we all know what that is, “Sam your breath!” I also have no doubt about garlic’s health benefits. In this article, Aged garlic extract shows further promise for heart-health you will learn more of interest to your longevity. That’s surely worth knowing about.



Most of us enjoy water – swimming and surfing in it or on it, travelling over it, looking at it. Garry Beath braved BIG seas at his favourite haunt Bondi Beach to bring you these amazing Big Wave images.

Smile! We all enjoy a smile and these cute Bird Images part 2 will bring a nice smile to your face.



Meet exceptional jeweller Nicky Burles – he explains his craft as a goldsmith and skilled-art as a maker of fine quality unique jewellery in this podcast with me.

Gil Elliott is a Director of Dual Income Properties, featured in an Article above. To know the person running the business is to know the business. Gil has commercial experience and real-world understanding on his side. A family man, a true-blue Australian of Queensland heritage and the co-creator of a whole new way of investing in property. Please meet Gil in this tell-all interview.



I’m a sucker for this type of video. Italian School Lunch Opera will warm your heart and again put a smile on your face. Very emotive – I hope it will be for you too.


MANSAM® Magazine #1 for May. All yours to enjoy!




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  1. Luke B Manicaros

    How lucky to live in the age of such ‘mind blowing’ technological advancement. Brain > Computer >>> amazing diverse possibilities enabling new and diverse functionality. Driving the car ? Flying the aeroplane ? Endless possibilities !? ONE BIG challenge will be in controlling the majority of human brains abilities to ‘concentrate’ in details for say mre than say 10 – 20 – 30 seconds at a time, on the immediate ‘task in hand’ and ‘control’ the majority brain’s tendancy to go off tangential, in about every 30-6- maybe 90 seconds?
    ‘Brain training’ may be a next step? Exciiting stuff, eh?


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