A great many people are scared. You see it written all over their faces and sprinkled throughout their conversations. I’m scared. And I’m the most positive person I know! What a mess we’re all in – and no one has so far risen to the challenge with a clear message of direction.

The values that Australians have cherished, that have taken over 200 years to form in our character and make us the envy of most other countries in the world are being eroded before our eyes. What legacy, if any, are we leaving for future generations?

The sheer acceleration of technology is completely unmanageable, for both individuals and SMEs. I cannot try to keep track of it all (why do I need to? FOMO?) You may be aware of and even understand ‘blockchain’, you may already be using 360 video, if not you soon will be. ‘Mixed Reality’ will soon join ‘virtual’ and ‘augmented’ reality. ‘Magic Leap’ and ‘Hollow Lens’ will bring about the end of traditional screens, as we know them. (It’s been described as “dreaming with your eyes open”). Alexa and Google’s ‘Home’ bring a virtual “Siri” into your living-room, to control your personal, private world with your voice-activated controls.

Has WWIII started? I hope not. Some say it started with 9/11. Others with the GFC. What is happening in North Korea? Iran? Russia? Our friends the Chinese have set up a fully armed floating island in international waters. What is going on? As for lone-wolf Muslim extremist attacks – other commentators world-wide have already said plenty. France, Belgium, UK, USA and not to be left out, we too in Oz, have all experienced the violence.

How’s your personal financial situation? Two senior journalists who know what they are talking about, James Kirby, ‘Wealth Editor’ of the Australian, (“Super Time Bomb” March 25-26/17) and also in the Australian, respected commentator Robert Gottliebsen (“Push to curb housing prices could backfire” March 25-26/17) both point to a couple of major problems on the ‘horizon’. Neither may happen – but if they do? And that ‘horizon’ is getting close!

How’s business? Is it time to smarten-up, initiate a new creative-direction, simplify, attack with renewed-energy and communicate to all of your clients the positive-benefits of trusting their commercial dealings – to you?

There are times when the best form of defence – is offence. In my view that time is now! Survival doesn’t mean you cannot thrive. One of MANSAM’S new slogans you will be seeing regularly is: “Thrive to Survive“.

Amid all the change and uncertainty of these current times are a set of core truths about our shared future and these are as relevant as ever. Transparency. Aspiration. Positive Impact. Empowerment. These truths are powerful – and positive-directions for us all to take. This is where MANSAM® Magazine is heading.

The way forward is a bright one for MANSAM®. Next editorial I will share with you some of the changes you will see in this online publication. Attacking the future head-on. Plus some notes on the personal disciplines I have adopted in order to focus on what matters most – to you our Readers, to our working-partners in Advertising, our promotional Clients and – to me. MANSAM® will, I promise you, bring a positive level of certainty to a concerned, time-scarce, somewhat confused and in many ways ‘virtual reality’ world.


Here is what we have for you in this Edition.


Interesting quotes over time – part 2. Short and to the point.

Fair compensation for work experience arrangements and internships. Another great article from Owen Hodge Lawyers. Owen Hodge offer a wide range of professional legal services. With offices in Sydney’s CBD and a large office in Hurstville.



Beautiful Images of the Grand Canyon. I flew over it once on a clear day in winter and it was all covered in snow. Fantastic! MANSAM® will always feature the unusual, the beautiful and the powerful in our Motivation section and with our new direction expressed above watch-out for strong articles, podcasts and video blogs aka “vlogs”.

Our resident MANSAM® photographer Garry Beath really does have a way of capturing Bondi Beach and it’s waves in a different light – see for yourself.



Tom Jeffrey AM Managing Director of “Vanguard Productions” one of the most respected and experienced leaders of the Australian film industry.

Tarrah Lukic is the Events and Sales Coordinator of “Blond Catering”, the hot, new caterers wowing the Australian east-coast and hinterland. An independent organisation where nothing is too small – or too large – Blond are also the exclusive caterers of the CYC the “Cruising Yacht Club” of Australia.



Gazillion Bubble Show by Anna Yang really caught my imagination when I viewed it. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


All of us at MANSAM® Online Magazine wish you a wonderful April. Enjoy!



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