In 2015 to coincide with the Centenary of his birth, the Sinatra Family released a double CD “The Ultimate Sinatra”. I have discovered that included on it are all the live songs from a concert he gave in Sydney, December 2nd 1961. It must be from the audio of the nationally televised concert. It is in mono but of good quality. Even that telecast has a story. He was only going to perform three concerts in Sydney. So to give the entire nation a chance to see him, Channel 9 offered him something like $10k or $20k, but in any case he rejected such a puny amount, considering what he gets on national TV in USA.

It was then explained to him that the amount on offer would be by far the highest amount ever paid in Australia to a visiting artist for a nationally televised program up to that time. That he accepted and the telecast went ahead. The other point I wish to make is that I WAS THERE! Sitting in the second row, I shot some 2¼” slides with High Speed Anscochrome that was then the first fast slide film, since using flash would have seen me thrown out. Incidentally, during Moonlight in Vermont do listen carefully for the audience’s titter as he sings, “Here, in this romantic setting…”. As he sang those words, he made a gesture sweeping his hand in the air around the old, ramshackle Sydney Stadium. These tracks are available on iTunes if not elsewhere. Now I can relive that concert at Sydney Stadium.


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