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Elite athletes have long known the benefit that working with a Personal Coach brings. Whether dealing with stress, optimising performance or achieving their dreams, those in the world of sports choose to work with someone they trust in order to get the most out of themselves and realise their potential.

So why is it different for careers outside of sports?

Part of the reason for this is the misconception around what coaching is and who it’s for. Whether it’s ‘executive’, ‘career’ or even ‘life’ coaching, each has unique stereotypes. However all forms of coaching suffer from common misunderstandings – that coaching is for those in the upper corporate echelon, or for those who are struggling, underperforming or generally need ‘fixing’.

The reality is that Personal Coaching is different. It’s for anyone at any level striving to reach their potential, and benefits derived should extend beyond getting a promotion and pay rise. The aim should be to optimise effectiveness and achieve a state of fulfilment in key domains of life, such as utilising your talent, enjoying what you do, having a purpose, social engagement and physical and mental health.

An adept Personal Coach will focus on 3 key areas of personal growth:

  • Enhancing performance
  • Achieving potential
  • Removing interference that hinders or prevents performance

Every coach has their own roadmap to help clients navigate their way to a more fulfilling career and lifestyle, but one of the most effective approaches used today operates within a strengths-based framework. Weakness fixing has a poor return on investment because, generally, weaknesses align with tasks the individual doesn’t enjoy or want to pursue. Whereas focusing on strengths, what an individual’s natural talents are and what they enjoy doing, can take performance – and satisfaction – to a whole new level.

An often overlooked consideration is that a career is an investment… Of roughly 50 years! Meanwhile, the terms of an average mortgage in Australia are half that. Yet people throw themselves wholeheartedly into finding the best available home loan on the market. Given how long we spend in the workforce and how life-consuming it can become, applying the same zeal to enhancing your career (and all aspects of your well-being) by engaging a Personal Coach could be a prudent step in achieving holistic well-being in your life.

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Written by: Mark Burton 

About Mark

After 12 years in sales and marketing Mark obtained a Psychology degree and started his own business. His key focus is empowering people, brands and organisations to maximise their potential through honest and engaging writing and communication.







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