I’m having a whinge about mistakes in chef’s recipes which appear on web sites and even in their books. I have contacted several web sites and author chefs to draw attention to their mistakes. Am I the only person who does this? Don’t chefs feel that they owe it to their followers to at least check their recipes, especially when you are paying good moolah for the book?

A while ago I went online to obtain the recipes for a cooking program which was on cable. The recipes were full of errors, but to the credit of the chef’s staff, they fixed the errors very quickly and let me know.

It’s frustrating when you can see glaring errors in an expensive cookery book. Or the chef has been around a long time and should know better than to have recipes for large numbers of servings. Hello … most people are not cooking for dozens and when we do, we just multiply the recipe. Said chef also has not checked his quantities and when he says it’s a recipe for 4 and you end up with enough for 16, you know he has lost the plot.

After receiving one cookbook in the mail, I looked through a few recipes, only to find that the ingredients did not match the method. I contacted the overseas publisher and received an apology, but then the book was useless and I threw it in the bin.

On a few occasions I have contacted a chef to say I was having problems with one of their recipes. To their credit, they responded quickly, we found a resolution and I learnt in the process.

Even if the recipe is on the internet and free – let them know when it’s wrong.


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