Ritchie Gibson is one of Australia’s leading speakers on teamwork, culture and performance.  He works with professional sporting teams and high performance corporate organisations who are willing to learn more, grow more, invest more and lead by example.

Team work, trust, belief – both in self and the team – these are the characteristics developed in the groups that Ritchie Gibson works with for a greater, stronger and more rewarding outcome.

ritchie-gibson-3d book coverAs published author Ritchie’s book – Be You. Be Great. is written to help you realise that you have your own skill set, your own strong suit, and that you are more intelligent than you give yourself credit for. Every expert started off as a rookie and had to learn the ropes. Every talent and skill – whether it is in finance, education, sports, music or enterprise –can be learnt. Having a plan, definitive goals and a burning desire to achieve those goals is just the first step. This book will be your comprehensive guide to thinking differently, to having a successful and positive mindset, and to setting and fulfilling goals in each and every aspect of your life. It will make you think about why you’re here and motivate you to be the best you possibly can be.

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