The one thing that frustrates many, if not most, new (and existing) entrepreneurs is the repeated cost of “getting business ready”. Every time you start a new business it costs a lot of money – and time. Then you invest/waste weeks developing and printing business cards, brochures and other marketing material. And then there is the big one, the website. Once you have your website designed and developed, with a shopping cart and all, it will have cost another $5,000 – $10,000 plus many months of time wasted.

Why could he not develop a product that can get any business “Business Ready” in 10-20 minutes? And why was it necessary to spend money on marketing material every time it was necessary to change something? Why not have a product that could potentially pay for itself – and pay you – for simply promoting your business, as you would normally in the first place?

And so the One Business Portal was born.

One Business Portal is not only a digital business card, it is also your:
• Mobile responsive website
• Total Social media portal
• Complete business referral system with contact capturing abilities
• E-commerce system with shopping carts and even stock management features
• Digital Word-Of-Mouth system
• Personal and Business profiling platform
• Single business portal for up to ten different businesses
• Media portal with unlimited video and photo gallery display options and the list goes on. It really is quite amazing. And the annual cost is minimal compared to normal business set-up and maintenance costs.
See for yourself. Click this link and see Colin’s digital “e-card”. It’s much, much more than a business card. It’s a marketing tool that is with you, on your mobile phone, whenever needed – and in your office.

Call or email Colin if you would like more information. His details are here on his One Business Portal (OBP) Card.

For a full list of features download the PDF by clicking the link below

One Business Portal Features


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