The No 1 asset in business is you. If you fail to continually invest yourself, raise your standards and follow your compelling vision, it is the end of the road.

I was interviewing a successful entrepreneur by the name of Aaron Sansoni and he said to think of investing in yourself as an asset – it appreciates over time. Beautifully said as this is very accurate. Staying stagnant and doing the same things over and over leads to a dead end.

The business landscape is changing momentarily right before our eyes and it is your job to be the best version of yourself or get left behind. This is without a doubt the number one piece of advice from all of the successful entrepreneurs I interview around the world. No longer do we need fancy university degrees or a long list of qualifications, it is about hustling, growing, learning and investing. For longevity in business requires we consistently step up to play a bigger game.

Here are Five Sure-Fire Ways To Lift Your Game:

  1. Step Up

To lift your game, you need to raise the benchmark in every area of your life. Aim high, surround yourself with those who hold you accountable and expect a lot of themselves. Successful people have high expectations for themselves and others. This is the positive influence needed to raise the bar and achieve more results in business and life.

Once you start pushing what you believe is possible for you to achieve, there will be no stopping you. Continue raising the bar in everything you do in every area of your life. One of my all time favourite quotes comes from T.Harv Eker who said: “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

  1. Forget About You

Business is about selling and selling is serving. At the end of the day, you are doing a massive disservice to your potential customers and yourself, if you do not concentrate first and foremost on sales in business.

Many entrepreneurs focus on pretty websites, business cards, organizing their workspace, wasting time on social media, printing marketing material without prospecting. If you do not sell, how do you know if anyone even wants your products and/or services. You are wasting time and energy by not selling. Now, is the time to make serving your no 1 priority, grab your phone, connect with people on Linked In and set up meetings and look for ways to continually serve others.

  1. Get Real

I constantly meet many successful entrepreneurs in business and thankfully the vast majority have the give, give, give attitude. Their focus is on creating a positive impact in the world and helping others succeed.

There are entrepreneurs out there however, that have the ‘scarcity’ mindset which means they only focus on what others give them and if they don’t get something, they won’t give anything either. Another one of my favourite quotes comes from, Kerwin Rae who says that: “Business is a team sport”. This is what I have found to be true at the end of the day and it is a good reminder for rarely will anything happen on your own, it requires the involvement of other people in business and in life.

Building and maintaining quality relationships requires effort, listening, compassion, commitment and understanding. Without those qualities, relationships fail and people feel unloved, neglected or both. Be authentic with your clients, colleagues and family members. Being authentic means you attract more of the people you do want to work with.

  1. Enthusiasm Holds The Key

Sitting is literally the new smoking and I can tell you that from personal experience. A shift in careers has lead to more sitting and less standing and I don’t recommend it long-term. Sitting creates a lack of energy, stiffness, less enthusiasm, poor health and foggy minds.

If you are sitting a lot, make time to do rigorous exercise daily for moving regularly creates energy and energy leads to momentum, which creates more success. Exercise creates all the things you want multiplied in life from good health, energy levels, productivity, clarity, enthusiasm, sparks creativity and new ideas. What’s not to love!

  1. Power Up

Greet the morning in a powerful way. The way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. My morning ritual is the triple HHH.

  1. Heart – Gratitude
  2. Health – Exercise
  3. Happiness – Meditation

This powers me up every single day and it is a great way to start my day. I have many things to be appreciative of in life as you do no doubt, I absolutely love to exercise and to me there is nothing better than quietening the mind for twenty minutes a day to receive powerful insights and messages. Meditation also helps create the ‘abundance’ mindset, which helps you to stay strong and remain focused on my goals.


An ‘abundance’ mindset means that you believe there is plenty of everything in the world and that you have everything you need. When the mind is too busy it increases fear and moves into the ‘scarcity’ mindset. Scarcity mindset means you are operating from a state of fear, which increases thoughts of not enough in the world.

My morning ritual creates enthusiasm, appreciation and energy – all the things we need to create success in business.

Remember, that you have unlimited potential, move forward and make your dreams a reality today. Lift your game to play a bigger game and use these stellar methods to take yourself and help your business soar to the next level.


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