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I’m always amazed at people who are constantly upgrading their phones, iPads, computers, sound systems, televisions, their house, cars and clothes but neglect to upgrade the one vehicle that truly matters, their body, and by extension of that, their mind and soul. 

This is the only vehicle that truly matters because once it breaks down you can’t trade it in! So start renovating today! Start small, with better food choices or a walk around the block, quit smoking and ditch drinking. If you’re already training, push out that extra rep and make sure you’re getting enough rest.  These are simple easy choices that will not only increase the longevity of your life but the quality of your life! 

Stop going through the motions, just existing! Start living a healthy, conscious, inspired life! A life where people gravitate toward you because you’re bursting with energy and vitality. 

Upgrade your life today with the lean hardware of a healthy functioning body by taking action in the direction of your dreams!

What are you waiting for? 

Written by Mark Thorpe

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