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Have you ever woken up early to do a workout and hit the snooze button? Ever talked yourself out of a workout because missing one won’t make that much difference? I call these choices Dream Killers.

Dream Killers come in the form of bad rituals and negative self-talk. Now you could make an argument for putting things into perspective but I’ve seen to many one offs turn into bad habits and too much justification turn into self-sabotage. You can always justify your actions to others but if you want to change at some point you must be honest with yourself and step up, because effort is between you and you and no one should be ok with being mediocre. 

My invitation to you is to step up and create some new rituals and build momentum with each good decision. Health and wellbeing is not a part time decision but a life long choice! Choose to become the strongest version of yourself today.

Written by Mark Thorpe

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