My name is Mark Thorpe, a contributor to MANSAM as the health & wellbeing columnist and owner and director of Fitness Fundraisers.

Fitness Fundraisers was born out of a passion to revitalise the health and wellbeing of its participants and in doing so, transform the lives of those less fortunate through public awareness and charitable donations.

As a health and wellbeing coach I’m passionate about my vision, but as a son who has been personally touched by losing his dad to prostate cancer at 63, I’m on a mission.

When a participant accepts one of my challenges, they nominate a charity they wish to support and then post their challenge of choice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other internal social media, advising their friends and colleagues of their participation asking them for their support as a sponsor! Sponsors can then log onto my website or download my free app and donate to that charity to support their friend achieve their health and wellbeing goals, all whilst giving back to the community!

Please visit my website and download my free app ‘FitFund’ available in both app shops and get involved.

Yours In Health

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