Like many retirees, 76-year-old Michael Glass (name changed), wanted to create a well-crafted account of his life, not for vanity, but so his lifetime experiences and what he learned through these experiences, could be passed on to his grandchildren and beyond.

The raw material was certainly there. He had been a “10-Pound Pom” arriving in Australia as young man with an incomplete education who became unemployable after an accident that left him, technically-speaking, as “disabled”, ultimately turning to a career in used car sales. Selling his business and turning to a lifetime of assisting those less privileged than himself, many stories were being incubated.

And there was his struggle with brain cancer in the 1980s. After he was told the cancer was gone, tests showed that it had spread to his lower back and he underwent a lengthy series of chemotherapy sessions to save his life. Looking back, he wanted to share what he had learned from all the experiences and how he continues to survive – and thrive.

Michael Glass of Elwood, Melbourne, said his writing has been more healing than any chemotherapy or drug treatment; “It’s as been confronting to remember painful events, but it has been an overwhelming healing journey that has helped me record what I have learned in the knowledge that these can be helpful to others.”

To come up with a synopsis Michael Glass sought the support of a ghostwriter who he says “ very quickly got me to cough up 100 pages.

I didn’t imaging that I could just sit back and speak and have that become a book.”

Mr. Glass said the Talk Your Book program helped him focus on the purpose of his memoir and connected him to the professionals for inspiration and feedback.

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