Man paying a bill  in a restaurant with a pretty lady in the background

Should the man pay for dinner?
Should the man hold the door for the lady?
Is it the man’s job to look after their lady?

It’s all to confusing as a current modern man you don’t want to upset or offend anyone but then again, being polite and professional will always make you stand out for all the right reasons.
In the 21st century chivalry is not lost. Instead of men “taking care” of women today people take care of people. There is no reason why both Men and women cannot be nice, professional, and polite.

The rules of chivalry are:
1. Holding the door – Who ever arrives at the door first holds the door for others.
2. Getting in and out of an elevator – The person closest to the door enters or exits first.
3. Helping put on a coat – If a person is having difficulty putting on their coat then they should be helped.
4. Paying for a meal – Whoever does the inviting pays the bill or it’s perfectly acceptable to equally split it.
5. Standing – Regardless of gender standing to greet someone is always respectful and polite, especially if the person you are greeting is of higher rank, a client or elderly.
6. Shaking hands – Today men do not need to wait for the female to offer to shake hands first. Typically person in a higher position of authority or age should be the first one to extend a hand.
7. Giving a compliment – Male or female if someone deserves a compliment then give it.
8. Buying & getting drinks – If there is no table service then either the male or female can get up and buy the drinks.

Chivalry is no longer about showing how the man can protect their female counter part. Chivalry in the 21st century is about demonstrating equality, respect and politeness across all genders in all situations.

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