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By Jenny Mansell-Black, Fundraising Consultant

Yes! People have run into brick walls here – not enough attendees, no excitement or interest, lousy return for a lot of effort. So, what to do?

Plan your event in detail. Best to ask yourself the following questions and set yourself some goals:

  • Why am I running this event?
  • How much do I need to raise –realistically – and what is the money for?
  • What is my budget? (Events are the highest cost to profit ratio and often not the best way of raising funds)
  • Do I have enough networks to get people to attend?
  • Can I get sponsorship? What can I obtain for free?
  • Do I have an interesting theme, key people and an exciting schedule?
  • Do I have a marketing plan including social media?
  • What is my timeline? (A major event should be planned at least a year in advance; a milestone event, two years.)
  • Do I have enough trained volunteers?

Finally, always sell your tickets well in advance. You will need insurance, a risk management plan and a survey ready for the end of the event so that you can improve it next time.

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