I arrived in Australia in the early seventies to the smell of frying sheep fat coming from every fish and chip shop. It was the only smell on the streets and was exactly the same smell I had found in South Africa a few weeks before. I came from a country where in every street corner, you have the scents of basil, oregano and fresh herbs, and all the streets smelling of different food. If you close your eyes, you would still know what day, month or festivity it was just by the aromas.

When I arrived here, uniformly from Perth to Sydney, was just that awful smell of mutton or sheep fat in the street. Another strange impression to someone arriving from Italy, a country of beautiful olive oil, was when I asked about olive oil, I was told you will find it at the chemist shop. It was extremely confusing for me. There were a couple of importers, but most Australian had no knowledge of them.

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