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Ever gone into a session only to find you’re going through the motions?

Finding The Right F.I.T.T. will help you break this cycle and kick-start your training program to create those changes you’ve been looking for.

F stands for Frequency
Your workout program should be stressful enough to elicit a change and include enough rest time for rebuilding and repair. Ideally you should train the whole body no more than twice a week using the overload principle!

I is for Intensity
You must train with enough load or at a certain heart rate to overload the body (so it can adapt) but not so much that you overtrain.

T stands for Type
You must choose the correct types of exercises that will elicit the response you desire. Deadlifts are a far better choice for rowers than bench press.

T is for Time
You should seek to minimise your rest intervals for hypertrophy and cardiovascular fitness and maximise rest for strength gains! Your individual sessions should last no longer than an hour.

Adjusting one or more of these principles will ensure your body never adapts to the workload creating the perfect storm for forward progress!

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